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There is a time and a season for everything under the sun.
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Entertainment For All Seasons Home Travel
This is theme for this site and the name of the home page.. This site is about enjoying leisure time entertainment whether you choose to relax around home or travel to other places. All seasons is in reference to the seasons of the year as well as the seasons of life. Me I love food that is seasoned well from the suddle to the very spicy.  The home page sets the tone for the rest of the pages contained in this site. It's about you as an individual being the casted as the star of the show.
About this site
Gives a little insight about who I am and a mission statement on how I hope to be of service to you with visits to my web site.
Seasons Defined
Defines the meaning of the word seasons and how it touches so many area of our lives. Seasons is simple and complicated all at the same time. You ever sit and watch water in a fast flowing river? Have you noticed the different flow of currents in the water. Well life is much life that as are the seasons.  It is the seasons that give life its riches; think I am wrong than think about it then tell me why I be wrong.
The Perpetual Day
This is a short essay about the essence of time as the earth spins day and night, seasons come and go. As the sun sets the moon becomes the first evening star in the sky. Then once again as sun rise approach it's the last star to shine in the morning sky. Sun Over Two Moons.
Seasons Entertainment
This page covers the seasons as related to special occasions the passing of the year in holidays and the weather.
Change of Seasons
Essay on how time and seasons of change that take place over the course of ones life is a great source of entertainment.
Seasons Of Life
Essay voicing a view point about the stages of growth a person experience from birth to the age of 18 and even beyond .  Once we past the age of eighteen our life's journey truly begins to tell just what type of stuff we are made of.

Riddles are what I hope are relational plays on words to be amusing entertainment and food for thought. I hope that you leave this page with a smile at the lest thou not jokes yet still some laughter. The answer to each riddle can be found on the page at the end of the riddle. Placing your cursor over the the word answer will reveal the answer..
The Junkies Dilemma
Word play riddle to amuses and entertain. I am sure that you know of someone who suffers with this dilemma. But can you guess what the addiction is before you finish reading.  Could be that you suffer from the same dilemma?
The World's Greatest Team
Give this short riddle a spin and see if you can guess what this team is before you finish reading the whole riddle.
The Worlds Most Valuable Asset
Riddle of an asset. Do you know what mans most valuable asset is? Something that can make or break mans future?
Get No Respect
An amusing riddle. Check out this one as the different parts of the body have a discussion about who should be president. Think You can figure who gets to be president?
The Priceless Commodity
Riddle I am often wasted, lost and can not be bought think you know what I am?
Scream For Me!
Riddle of the scream - I can make big brave men curl up in a ball, and little girls scream in terror; think you know who I am?
Come Dream With Me.
Riddle of a valuable ingrident for dreams. do you think you know what it is?

Essay Shorts short storys to entertain, amuss and inform.

A Thug's Life.
A short story about the life of a thug on the streets of Chicago.
Organic Gardening
Explains what organic gardening is.
The Prowler.
This is a short essay about  the essence of meeting the opposite sex.
Priceless Moments
If a picture worth is a thousand word then what does your picture collection have to say about you?  The priceless moments section explores and acknowledges that as we grow in age, maturity, and wisdom that the way is filled with accomplishments that have colored and given flavor to our lives. This page as well as the section fosters the preservation of ones life story in pictures and video for a recorded family history. More than likely you already got a camera why not make good use of it. Lights action cameras you the star.
Plan An Occasion
The planning guide page. This page explores the process of planning events and special occasions.
Family Reunions
This is the page for planning family affairs of every type. Family reunions should be a gathering where the bonds of ancestral blood lines are keep intact.
Sweet Sixteen
The age thush hold for womanhood. This page attempts to explore the turning point in a girls life from one of girl child to become a woman in full blossom. There are always issues as the seasons of a persons life move from one season to the next. The challenge is always to make the right moves.
High School Senior Prom
The high school prom is more than just a school dance they have been plenty of school dances. This is a rite of passage into the adult world. Graduation brings with it the end of the many years spent as a child.
Girls Night Out
Or is it boys night out oh well you figure it out. The life of a single is an adventure indeed. It is a time and seasons when you are free to live life very much on your own terms. As some say after you eat you can break your plate. Uh unless you really want to there are every few people that you have to answer to as to your where abouts.
Romance and Infactuation
There are many stages to the wedding chapel. Learning the difference between true love and all the emotions that masquerade as love is a challenge.
Weddings and Marriage
The real reason to make a video of a wedding. Just what does it mean to have a wedding that cost a small fortune.
Captured Memories
Contains the resources to capture the pictures and video to make picture albums, picture disc, video disc, as well as homemade movies on dvd. This page is to help with making a keepsake that can last and be enjoyed for many years. You can also use this section to plan activities for family reunions, and family gatherings. Make your cherished memories more then just a faded thought.

Home Life
Our homes are an oasis where we refresh ourselves from the daily riggers of earning a living. Our homes are a refection of ourselves. Our perspective on life is reflected in our homes location, along with the decor, and furniture that we furnish them with. Our jobs are activities that we engage in so that we can have the resource needed to live.
Finding a Home Location
Article dealing with things one should concern themselves with when buying a home or chosing where to live.
Furniture Furnishing
You can find furniture in a large variety of finished and unfinished furniture in many styles and budgets.
Home Security
Want to make sure that your home ain't easy pickings for the dishonest. You can also use these devises to help you control lighting and appliances in your home. Up for some romance
Home Entertainment
A home entertainment system is more then just a  big or wide screen hdtv with dvd players receivers and surround sound stereo speaker systems. To make your home a living entertainment system you have to be a wise steward over your resources.
Home theater more than a television.
A lite hearted take on the difference between a home entertainment system and a home theater system.
Home Theater component performance
Read about the factors that determined how well your home entertainment system will deliver the rich sights and sound of today's electronics.
Home Entertainment System Terms
Defines and explains terms that describe the components and system functions for home theater or entertainment systems.
Electronics for the home
All the components to put together your home theater system big or wide screen television, plasma tv, flat panel monitors, hdtv with surround sound stereo speaker systems.
Affordable Home Theater
Check out these three components flat screen hdtv, dvd player, and surround sound speaker system all under the price of $1,400.00.
42" Wide screen Plasma
Check out these modestly priced components to build a home theater system. This set of four (4) components with give you an unbeatable home entertainment systems to die for all under $ 3,000.00
DVD Movies Games Books
The top page for this section which contains the media providing the rich sights and sounds to power to days electronics. Find the latest releases of movies on dvd, electronic games, video cds, and music cd's form all your favorite artist.
Heroes And Villains
A hero is someone who overcomes fear and faces situation that overwhalem them. This page contains a few heros stories about people facing obstacles.
Adventure and Action Movies
Find adventure and action in the far reaches of your home theater systems with just a few of the many adventure and action movies. Save your self a few bucks while you plan your sorty to some adventure and action in the real world.
Satellite Systems
Satellite transmissions bring you television programs as well as commercial free radio choose from at least two services to supply the rich sounds for your entertainment system home or mobile. Also get internet movies on demand that you can view and not ever have to leave home.

The Game Room
Find free video games to play and reviews of video games.
Grand Thef Auto - Liberty Cities Stories
Play the part of Toni Capirianni as he deals with the crime mob and stay alive.
Def Jam Vendetta
Welcome into the Hip Hop world of Def Jam Vendetta.
Need For Speed
So you got lead foot and think you can drive then turn here the need for speed just don't get caught.
Medal Of Honor : Raising Sun
This war style game takes place during World War II. Live the life of a solder caught up in the perils of war.
Tony Hawk's American Waste Land XBox 360
Play a game that takes game play to a whole new level. American Waste land new interface for the xbox 360 eleminates the waite for moduals to load. That is just one of the new features. Customize your riders outfit and his board or bike.
Gifts Toys And Things Shop
The bargain hunters delight for finding gifts for birthdays and christmas as well as deals on many other popular shopped items elctronics that are both light weight and portable entertainment systems for teenagers and kids of all ages.

Getaway Travel World
You know where you want to go and what you want to do with your priceless leisure time. Now explore the many options and resources to achieve your dream vacation. Travel by car rail or airplane stay in luxury hotels in the heart of the city or in remote sparsely populated areas. Find cost effective rental prices on private homes in many places where you can spend your vacation .

Road Trip Central
Road trips are a great way to enjoy senic travel. A short road trip can be a way to refresh yourself with a cruise on the highways and byways in the area where you live.
Early Road Trips
A short lite history about cars and travel on the open road.  Early road trips compares the things that the first car owners had to deal with. If you had owned a car in the late 1800's or early 1900's would you be green with envy of today's cars?
In the Right Direction
The things one need to have a safe road trip both before leave for the trip and after getting out on the road.
Tricked and pimped
The differnts styles and ways cars have been tricked and pimped from old school to new school. People have always done things to alter the appearance of their cars from the factory setup.

Event Tickets
Get tickets to just about any type of music concert, comedy shows, theater play, or sporting event anywhere in the world.