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Just Try to do without me!

I am mankind's most valuable asset. I am a crop that is planted yet still that is not the way most people see me. I have to be nurtured and cared for many years. Without me whole species have cease and disappeared from the earth. With all the things that are needed to perpetuate life I can not be left out.  At some point in time the young desire me and the old are dependent on me.

When I am new I can be very expensive. The financially disadvantaged have the ability to aquire more of me then they can afford. Yet some who have untold riches for one reason or another find me hard to come by. Still having more then one of me can be cost effective.

Governments the world over encourage an increase in my numbers and offer valuable tax breaks for me. Whole industries are built around supplying my needs. People fight over me and because of me. Even those who want nothing to do with me are dependent on me one way or another.

Passions and desire are forces that have a lot to do my creation. I can be the source of great joy or sorrow at the same time. I can provide entertainment for hours on end, yet still I am not an entertainment system.  I keep people woke at all times of the day. When people hear me they rush to me. Everyones hopes and dreams for tomorrow are hung on my reaching maturity .

The answer to as what valuble asset I am .

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