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Uh! Yes and she cuaght my eye this siren with her exotic fragrance so intoxicating.  Oh! How she so captivated me. I was so taken I could not help but stare.

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Prowling as I walked through the room taking in the sweet aromas there was one more delitefull then all the rest. It was not loud and over powering but sweet and subtle. I preceded to follow my nose as the aroma grow stronger. Then I found the owner of the spicy scent that so captivated me.

She shared a table with friends and they seemed to be having a good time. I walked past her and found me a seat across the room where I could watch as she and her friends talked and laughted. Oh they were not an overly loud bunch. I sat close enough to hear the laughter but not what was said. As I sat there checking her out she appeared to wear very little makeup.

She had on lipstick that was a dark cherry red some cheek blush and highlight around her eyes. She wore an out fit that complimented her figure. Her blouse revealed just a hint of her cleverage. Her eyes sparkled as the light reflected from them.

I order me passion fruit to drink and watched hoping to catch her attention. In the mean time a few of my buddies arrived and we began to talk. I would look her way from time to time to see if she was still there and then our eyes met. This time she was returning my look. I thought I had caught her checking me out but I was not sure. But this time I knew for sure that I was the one she was looking at.

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