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42" Plasma HD Home theater System

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What Toys Do You Play With?

After having worked to meet the demands of life we seek to relax, enjoy the comforts of home entertainment with family and friends. Whether you live in the heart of a sprawling urban area or in the remote outback there is a home entertainment system to fit your life style and budget. 

Making our homes an affordable living entertainment center by being a wise steward over our resources priceless. Great home entertaiment systems are more than just a big screen hdtv with a home theater receiver, and a surround sound speaker package they are much more. There are so many components that can be included in a great home entertainment system.

From the space in the attic to the room in the basement and from the front gate to the back gate we can find opportunities for our homes to be a living home entertainment center. Finding the right mix of components to make your home a living entertainment center and the home of your dreams can prove to be an adventure. What is life if not an adventure?

There was a time where I lived that home entertainment systems were a black and white television, a radio, and a record player. Home theater was a stereo console with a 19 inch black and white tv Satellite Reciever Dish network or record player, am radio combo with two speakers on opposite ends of the cabinet. Now a days home entertainment units are made up of big screen tv's with satellite receivers, cable boxes, home theater receivers, cd players, mp3 players, dvd players, game consoles and surround sound speaker systems.

There are so many brand name components that can be a part our home entertainment systems to amuss, entertain us and to play with. There are toys for kids, preteens, old kids and kids in-between. For the old kids remember when you were a little kid playing in the dirt with your tonka toys and making mud pies. For those who don't play in the mud getting it between your fingers and toes, if you are reading this then it is still not to late; well now we are big kids and the only thing that has truly changed is who pays for the toys.

Over the years toys have changed so much, many toys of today come with a remote control. Some of us can remember when to change the channel or sound on your black and white television you had to walk over to the television. (Yea hmm hmm the remote was the youngest person in the room. ) Now you can sit in your favorite chair click the remote and enjoy the sights and sounds of your favorite show or movie on your hdtv with the big screen.. That sure makes relaxing after work a whole lot easier.

Remember those tonka toys and how you made sounds for your toy with your lips. Then too if you wanted your toy to move you had to push it and dolls were silent. We played out on the front sidewalk playing hide and seek, jacks, hop scotch, jump rope, in the alley, kick the can, cricket, the dirty dozens, and getting on each others nerves. Then the next day we would do some of the same all over again. Playing with toy's and entertaining ourselves in those days required the use of imagination no doubt about it.

See but those tonka toys are the toys that were given to the little kids. That was then way back when, now kids play with toys that can talk and even walk moving under their own power. Well now that we are the grown kids we get to play house for real, and buy our kids the toys that we wanted when we were kids.

We get to watch our kids grow from little babies to adults out in the world on their own. I still like to play spin the bottle and cuddle on the couch. Maybe one day I can play in the dirt with my grand kids.

Yea things are different. Many people had just moved from a life of farming to the city in search of a better life. Heck some lived in areas so remote that they did not have electricity let alone a television or radio. Beside that they were dirt poor. Laboring from sun up to sun down.

They had learned how to do a lot more with their money they just had to they had very little money. Those were the day's when most meals were home cooked. At that time Mickey d's was a treat and the kids knew it was a treat.

Home is the place where you can indulge yourself with leisure. It's the place that you share with the people you love who are important in your life. Does your home entertainment system fill your needs in due season?

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