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The Right Direction.

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Just maybe when cruising on major highways it's easy to keep your sense of direction. When you really think about it while you are traveling on marked roadways it is a no brainer. The interstate highwayGlobal Positioning Systems At Wal-Mart Don't lose your way. systems have markers and signs to keep you headed in the right direction and from getting lose. Even so going to strange places can sometime leave you with no sense of direction especially at night.

It's always good to have more than one way of knowing how to do anything. Regardless of where you live on the earth some things are the same. The sun and the moon can provide the best source or way to keep your bearings. The sun And moon have set courses they follow day in and day out without fail. Sun and moon rise in the east and set in the west as they travel across the sky. In three out of the four seasons the sun's path is some what low along the horizon. In the northern hemisphere except durring the height of the summer months the sun's coarse is across the southern sky. In the southern hemisphere except durring the hieght of summer the sun's coarse is along the northern horizon. Keeping your sense of direction during the day time is much more Get a digital camera to fit your style from Wal-Mart easier than on a moon less night; your can see land marks to help you navigate.

There are a couple of things that are good and handy to have for those moon less nights one is a compass. The other is a Gps unit which can help you find your location and provide directions to keep you headed in the right direction. But then too what is a road trip without some type of adventure. Some time getting lose can be a lot of fun You can end up some place where you have no idea of where your are. Hey but what does that matter as long as you can find your way back to your intended road it's no big deal.Peace of mind for home when on the road.

Peace of mind for home is one of the things you need for a safe road trip. Looking ahead and not back wondering about home. Get X-10 modules to help keep your home safe. It's a nice twist to ET call home have your home call you. It's other features make it a good deturrent against murauders.  Even if you have a standard type of burglar alarm setup.

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