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Seasons - Can be used as both a Noun and a Verb.

The most basic and common use of seasons as a noun are:

Change of Seasons
Life's Seasons
The Perpetual Day

In reference to the weather are as follows:
Are any one of the four divisions of the year:
The word spring is an action verb and is the season of birth. The hours for night and daylight are about equal in spring so that the sun warms the earth. Spring is the season of the year when there is a renewal of life in nature. Weather wise spring is the time of year that follows winter. In some places this could be the end of a dormat time for plants, insects, and hibernating animals. The temperture in spring time are mostly moderate for where you live.
The word summer is a noun. Summer is the time or season of the year for warm and hot temperatures. The hours of daylight are much longer then the hours for night. Where you live will dettermain how many hours of sun light your area receive. Durring summer time the increased exsposure to the sun heats the earth to bring about higher tempertures. The increased duraration that the sun shines  durring summer bring dramatic growth in plants and other life.
Fall is the time of year when once again the hours of daylight and night are are about equal. In nature plants, insects, and animals react to the decrease in sun light as the winter months approach. The shorter daylight bring about a gradual drop in the temperature. The shorting day cuases the leave on hardwood trees to turn colors and fall off.
Winter can be consider as the last season in the cycle and is the season of rest. The hours of daylight are the shortest and the temperatures are the coldest. Acording to where you are the percipitation that falls is snow which are ice cystals.

In some tropical areas the yearly climate divisions are:

Rainy or Wet
Places where there are two seasons most of the time are tropical and or desert areas. In tropical areas the temperture never if ever turns cold or approches freezing. In desert areas the temperture never gets cold long enought for snow. In these areas durring some time of the year the area gets most of it's rain fall. Durring this time period the rain that comes may be all the rain for the year. This rain may be heavy and may cuase flooding or fill dry lake beds.
Airrid or Dry
This condition for the most part is in a desert area. The dry season could be as many as nine(9) months of the year or more. Condition may also mean that rain may not fall on an area for years. As a condition in a tropical region or even a rain forest this would be the few months of the year that it does not rain.
Rain Forrest
Rain forest are first of all areas where  trees are the dominate plant growth. Second the amount of rain that these areas receive is in amounts that prevents the aera from ever being dry or without rain for more than a few months. These areas have a very high average rain fall as compared to most places.

New Science: A Change of Season (9/20/01)

Summary for seasons in relations to the weather, cycles and time periods.

So in summary seasons as a noun as it relates to the weather are periods where certain conditions are present in temperture, percepitation or rain fall, and the amount of sun light. In relationship to this site seasons are the years of our lives as related to our age and the things that can or should take place.

The following are definitions for seasons as a verb:

To harden
To condition or make useable. When something is seasoned in this way it is conditioned to withstand certain work loads or exposure to certain conditions. Plants would have to be harden to withstand the conditions of a desert area. Steel or concert would have to be conditioned to withstand heavy loads. Wood could be conditioned for constant exposure to contact with water so that rot is all but eliminated.

To make competent through experience. A person that is in school or some type of a training program are being made competent. The on board computer in a car learns how to make adjusts in the fuel to air mixture as a persons drives so this can also be considered as being made competent thought experience.
To flavor
The enhancement of food with the addition of some type of spice or other flavoring that will entertain the sense of smell and taste buds. These spice and flavorings in different combinations can highlight or cover up certain aspects of any given food to make that food's flavor more agreeable.

To add zest or to make interesting this could be the flavoring of food or some situation design to entertain one of the senses.  As a radical example it could be a paint scheme of a room that will add visual effects. It could be the beat of music to change the tempo. It could be the scent of a perfume or colonge. The style of ones clothing or hair can be used to add zest or flair to ones appearance.
Summary for seasons as a verb.

As a verb seasons is an action that takes place. Seasons or seasoning can be constider as an activity that takes place to bring about some type of change for the better. In reationship to this site seasons are the endeavors, and challenges that one engages in to bring about an improvement in ones living condition. The difference is these endeavors are looked upon more as a form of entertainment or as the spices that bring flavor into our lives.

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