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Family Reunions The Planning Guide.

Family reunions are about the ties that bind, blood lines, and bonds. Family reunions and gatherings are about the honoring ofThe jumpest of double dutch ancestors, and not letting family history flee into the distant past and Spinning straw into gold. disappearing. It's about maintaining bonds and a sense of self. You have no choice over who your family members are, but you can choose who your friends.

Planning a family reunions agenda and for the events to take place can be a challenge. A schedule has to be set up that will accommodate everyone's arrival for the days the reunion will take place. If everything goes well with family members travel plans that is a wonderful thing. You have to be very aware of how much time that you allot to any given event You don't want to linger to long or spend to short a time on an event either. Timing is everything.Epic struggle for life

As your family reunion advances and more people arrive you want to get into the more important events. My personal preference is to have the light social events at the beginning and the events thatBarnes Family Adobed deal with updates concerning family history closer to the end.

I may be wrong but a big part of Family reunions are about enjoying each others company. But the trouble with these gatherings is that they are only for two to four days. Even so Travel time for some has to be included in that time to get where the reunion is held and then to get back home.

Having a firm gripe on knowing your history carries with it many benefits. The world in which we live demands that. One of the things that make knowing family history important is our medical histories. Our past influence our views and perceptions about life. Grudges from the past can build great distances between different family memebers. 

Having photo's or video clips in honor of these priceless moments to transform into picture disc or homemade movies priceless. If a picture's worth is a thousand words then what does your collection of photos and video clips have to say about you?

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