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Home theater systems are more than just a television and surround sound speakers it consist of many different components to deliver the harmonic rich sights and sounds of todays entertainment media.

The to die for home entertainment system that you would love to have has been in the making for well over 25,000 years. Things got started long before man even understood lightning as it flashed across the sky. It started with the first lie about why there was nothing to eat. Who knows when that took place.

I can only guess how people entertained themselves back then. They may have spent most of their time looking for something to eat, a warm or cool safe place to hide, and making whoopee. Well many moons have pasted the Romans with their coliseum are gone and that lie has evolved into an art form called entertainment.

When man became master of his surroundings time became a valuable commodity. Being farmers and herders insed of hunters / gathers changed the dynamics of thier lives entertainment servered as a social outlet. People always found ways to entertain themselves with antics. Over time these antics developed into the theatics for today's home theater systems.

Having time to engage in activities that are purely for our enjoyment is a wonderfull thing. It makes a statement about our ablity to control the things that are needed to live. Having a home theater system that bring a world of entertainment into our homes while we relax is a wonderful thing.

There are many different sources of content and subject matter we can choose from. It's the programs and content in those programs that give value to the components in home theater and mobile entertainment systems. The development of all these devises and components has most of all been to improve the quality of available signals. From mono to suround sound to high definition television.

When the first electrical signal was sent across the air ways it was the dawn of a whole new era. The wonder of the talking boxes brought about many changes. Radio and televison have worked wonders in dramatically decreaseing the size of the earth. The many types of devices bring all sorts of information from around the world into our homes to inform, amuse, and entertain us. What use to take years to travel around the world now takes a matter of minutes.

As consumers of these developments, components and devices we have dependable signals for our radios, and televisions in stereo as well as living color. These radical changes power today's transmitting stations with millions of watts. The impact of these changes have made it hard to appreciate the poor quality and limited number of choices in the early days of entertainment systems.

The number of sources from which to receive signals today allow us to be able to choose between the old standards of broadcast radio and tv or satellite radio and television as well as cable tv. Even so these are still only a few of the sources from which to choose.

These many sources from which to choose allow us to see how people from different parts of the world and other cultures deal with their challenges and live out their lives. From comic relief to drama to tragedies we can learn things that help us to improve our own lives.

Just think that for close to 200 years now man has generated electric currents, and that for over one hundred years have regulated or controlled the flow of electrons. Understanding how to regulation the flow of electrons to produce the harmonic spectrums that make up electromagnetic transmissions have brought radical changes in electronic components. This understanding is what has fostered today's electronics and storage media. These radical changes have greatly improved the quality of audio and video signals that we find so much entertainment in.

As the number of components in home entertainment systems increased, so have the benefits that we receive from them. In the early days of electronics the wonder and mystery of the talking box was enough to captivate people. As time went on the content it takes to keep us entertained has grown. As someone who has witness close to 50 years of growth, and improvement in these systems I can appreciate the difference.

The vcr tapes, cassette tapes, flop disc, and their many cousins depended on magnetic to store information recorded to them. The life expectancy for magnetic storage was and is 5 years. Vinyl records used sound vibrations to etch a grooved into their surface with a needle called a stylist. The good thing about vinyl records life expectancy depends on how well they are cared for. The bad thing is that they are fragile. They have to be treated with extreme care. Film is a vegetable subtract made sensitive to light. Film's life expectancy is subject to a break down of the vegetable subtract.

All of the magnetic media as well as vinyl records required that the record and pickup head make direct contact with the storage media. For those of us who have been around long enough to have experienced the record know the short comings of vinyl records. Vinyl records depended on vibrations to store the signal and it was very easy to degrade the quality of that signal. In order to pick up the signal the stylist had to make direct contact with the surface of the record. Even if you managed to avoid scratching the surface of the record dust was still a problem. Once dust got into the grove it would contaminate the recording. The signals of today are moving more toward light for transmission and storage.

The compact disc is the newest storage media. It's development is having a profound impact on home entertainment systems. The two most promising features for consumers are it life expectancy and reflected light to store information. It is beating the pants off of it's so called competition. It has already brought about the death of vinyl records, film, cassette tape, and the vcr cassette as common storage media.

The compact disc has replaced vinyl records and uses light to record and play back the signal. The record and pickup head no longer need to make direct contact with the recorded media. The media is also less susceptible to dust and lite scratches. The system is really one of reflected light. This means of recording allows for less spectrum interference. This lower spectrum interference allows for more compacting of the signal which makes possible a smaller recording media. The amount of data that can be stored on the media is much greater than what vinyl records allowed. The compactness of the media gives more freedom as to where you can enjoy the rich video and stereo surround sounds of today's entertainment media on your home or mobile entertainment system.


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