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Vacation is defined as a period of time spent away from work.

How ever you choose to spend your vacation time in a way that you can afford. I say make it a real vacation even if you can not afford an out of town getaway from home. Relax and forget all about anything that is associated with work. Even if that is no more than hanging around town and kicking it with friends, buddies or family. The real treat is to be able to relax and endulge yourself in leisure time entertainment activities. No cooking, no bed making, no cleaning, and no yard work. Even if you can't afford to stay at a hotel then stay at home and eat out durring your vactaion time.

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Radisson Hotels & ResortsRadisson Hotels and Resorts have many new and ongoing special vacation packages and seasonal and regional promotions in numerous major cities throughout the world. Some of our room specials include great golf packages, family themed activities, romantic getaways, tickets to major sporting events, thrilling ski adventures, site-seeing tours, shopping packages , and much more! Check back often as our special room packages change all the time in order to offer new and exciting experiences to our guests.

Paradise is is a wonderful place to be but you can only visit. Once you stay to long the illusion of what makes it paradise is lost, then it becomes just another place to live. So enjoy your visit.

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Whether looking for cruisies somewhere on the 7 seas or a land lovers deal in luxury hotels in the heart of the city. Book yourself on a travel vacation where you can trade away the everyday drudgery of life for pampering, while enjoying a taste of the good life.

Eurail Select Pass visit 3, 4, or 5 countries

Make the most of your vacatioin leisure time entertainment. Plan travel to destinations for fun, adventure, and recreation away from home but most of all away from work. This page is loaded with easy to find getaway ideas for ocean cruises, and airfares to exotic locations.

Weekend getaways, newlyweds on honeymoon, families on vacation, holiday travel, affordable travel benefits to you priceless. Been hearing about, reading about other peoples adventure and escapes to paradise so now you want some for yourself in places like Cancun Mexico, Hawaii, London England, Paris France, Chicago, Alaska, Asia, Florida, California, Texas, New York, New Orleans The Bahamas, Bermuda, Cruises in the Caribean, travel destinations in Canada.

Young or seasoned couples looking for hideaways in romantic travel destinations or for any other reason to spend time together finding places you want to go to at prices that are affordable priceless. Even college students looking for a great deal on spring or holiday breaks.

There are many reasons to consider renting transportation. The top reason is travel by plane and wanting the freedom to able to move about on your own. Thrifty Car rentals for the lowest rates Another reason is to keep down the miles on your own car. Another reason to rent transportation is for group travel. Many time families have a need to travel over long distances together to attend family reunions, weddings, and sudden needs to pay last repects to a family member.  For those short weekend getaways you can take one of the many transportation modes to your destinations and have more time to relax and enjoy your vacation or time off work for fewer hassles.

CondoSaver.net  leads in Condo saver net hotels and  rentals. providing vacation rentals on the net with discounts of up to 70% off condos, suites, villas and private homes in many of the worlds most popular destinations
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Cancun starting at $65
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New York starting at $149
Santa Fe/Albuquerque
starting at $79

United Air lines tickets

Travel The World.

Where is it writen that you have to be rich to afford to travel to other countries?  There is adventure and there are adventures. This isn't the 1800's when news traveled at the speed of cold suryp from ear to ear.

With all the money you spent on a home theater system you can easly find information about any place in the world. As the news casters like to say the latest up to the minute news. If that isn't good enought Msn, Yahoo, or Google can find you news articals from around the world.

Do more on your vacation than dealing with hassles about traveling enjoy the sights, sounds, and aromas of Europe, South America, Asia, Africa or somewhere across town or across the country without going broke. Travel from one destination to the next in a carefree state of mind. Spend your vacation time doing just what vacations are for relaxing, socializing and avoiding work just like you should on your vacation getaway. Come back home feeling the way you should refreshed after having spend time enjoying the riches of life.

Eurostar Breakfast in London and Lunch in Paris17 Countries by Eurail Pass

Adventure is defind as a risky endeavor or activities. Why live your whole life and never have any adventure. Uh! but then life it's is risky bussines so why are you trying to hide. You have to decide just how much risky bussiness you want to engage in.  Never engaging in adventure is like eating food devoid of any spices. Just remmeber you're going to die anyway. So you may as well have some type of excitement in your life.

You know there are many things that one can do for excitement it's like eating that dish that is full of peppers and you know that your stomach will rise hell at some point after you finish eating.  Uh! the trick is to eat just enough to savor the event and not mana or kill your self. Or in other words know when to quite.

Cruise the Seven Seas.

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Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts
Park Plaza Hotels And Resorts are a unique full service mid-scale hotel brand known for its great value and customer focused service. They have 35 locations around the world for you to choose from.

Uh! the seven seas. A sailor went to sea to see what he could see but all that he could see see see was the bottom of the deep blue sea. Sailing the high seas is not as risky as it use to be you know the Titantic, Captain Ahab, Black Beard and the likes.

To really find adventure on the seven seas now a days you have to get off the ship at a port of call. Once you disembark and make land everything changes. Espeically if you chose to take a tour outside of the resort areas.

If your high seas cruise has taken you to places where the earth is untamed . Going outside of the port of call aera can prove to be risky in more ways then one. If you compared these places to certain standards they are stuck in the 1700's. It may be even worst than that they could be

Uh! The seven seas 

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