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Organic Gardening

What Is Organic Gardening?     

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 What Is Organic Gardening?

To answer that question on the simples level it is growing plants without the use of man made chemicals. Organic gardening is the promotions of healthy plant growth using nature balances.  Healthy plants are less likely to suffer with insect infestations. Just like you the heather you are the less chances of you getting sick.

Organic gardening involves maintaining the proper soil balance for the healthy growth of your plants. Every plant group extracts different amount of nutrients from the soil. Some plants need more potash then others. Some plant groups thrive in rich soils, some like heavy clay soils and others don't.

Organic gardening is the art of creating a growing environment that is healthy for a given plant with out the use of chemicals. If your growing environment is balanced then you can attract the natural insect predators ( or beneficial insects) to hold in check the insects that would devour your garden. This would also attract insects that would help you maintain healthy soil conditions. Good healthy soil and conditions help prevent  mold, mildew, fungus, and plant scale.

John Franklin Sr.

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