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Sixteen Days!
Sweet Sixteen.

The idea here is to refect  on each of the seasons of life: past, present, and future.

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Just to think for the better part of your life so far the opposite sex has been these strange people you have put up with. They were just about the last thing on your mind but now all of that is about to change. The next few years are years of transition from child to adult, a new season and a new place in life. But for right now it's the season in life for being a teenager. You will have the rest of your life to be an adult . PerfumeWorldwide - Logo 13 - Animated

A sweet sixteen party is a celebration in a change of seasons, the acknowledgment of a turning point in life. There is a time and a season to, be a girl, or boy, a woman, a man, and a mother, a father. The time for now is to enjoy life as a teenage child. It's a time to enjoy the life adventures of being a teenager in high school, a social lite, flirting, having teenage crushes, puppy love, infatuations and heart throbs this is that season. Life is an adventure enjoy the journey.

In a few more years you will be a full grown adult, never able to be a teenager again. Each season in life has it's own special times and adventures. Fruit that is not picked in due season rots and withers on the vine. In the same sense fruit picked to soon is sour and USA, LLC A sixteen year old is a diamond in the rought uncut and unpolished. You may be well polished as a child but as an adult thereare new lessons to be learned.

Sixteen is a time that is old enough to have some type of independence. It is the start of the time to learn how to make your own decisions. The next few years are as those of a baby who has been breast feed and needs to be put on solid foods. Body wise a sixteen year old girl has the ability to bear a child. Uh but that is like having a pistol should you use it just because you have it?  Most of the time that is nothing but trouble. There is still a need to aquire more learning and there is still a lot more to be enjoyed as a child.

Yes no longer a girl, or boy, and still not yet a woman or man. See for all intent a girl is a woman and a boy is a man. Sweet sixteen the place that can be either girl, or woman or a boy or man. Be a child and continue to have all the fun with non of the burdens. Like children then be a baby sitter. That way when the job is done you can still be a child, and you can learn how to be a adult without the full burden.

The joys of sixteen foot lose and fancy free. Puppy love, crushes, heart throbs, and infatuations are times to learn how to tell the difference between a fun relationship and something more serious. But then why get serious the years ahead gives plenty of time for that.

Planning a party in celebration of your sweet sixteen birthday should involve some thought. Remmeber that this is a rite of passage. There are those who have been blessed enought to have hugh amouts of money to spend those are a few. Most of us have limited capital resources so to get more for less we have to plan well.

Why can't you have fun on your sixteenth birthday and explore ideas about the future. If you go looking for something and don't know what it looks like how are you going to find it?  Now is as good a time as any to puase and take a look around at your life. Don't be asleep at the steering wheel.

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