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About Home Security.
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There was a time not all that long ago when you left home you locked your doors and windows and hoped for home security the best. If you lived in the city you hoped that neighbors would keep a watchful eye on your home while your are away. If you lived in less density populated areas you just locked your doors and hoped for the best.

Well those days are long gone with the sophisticated electronic circuits of today's electronics. You can leave home and still know the satus of your home. You can have you home call you and give status reports. A nice twist on ET call home. The ability to control lighting makes this system a great addition as one of the components in your home entertainment system for mood lighting as well as security for peace of mind.

Home Automation X-10

Active Home - Home Automation Software and Controls

ActiveHome, your home automation solutions. With 3-Way Home Control first you have, PC Control which lets you directly control your lights and appliances in any room, while sitting at your computer.

Second is the ActiveHome remote control which is included in the package, you can control all your home's lights & appliances from any room in your house, without getting up from the couch or bed. The 6-in-1 also controls your TV, VCR, Cable, Stereo, and more - so you don't need any other remote control.

The third control is ability to Automate your home through a custom schedule you create on your PC you will be able to turn things on & off, or dim/brighten lights based on schedules you create.  These customized routines are also extremely useful for when you're asleep or away, and they still work while your PC is turned off! Sets up in only 5 minutes! Easy to Use!

The above are just a few of the benefits of the x10. With the addition of different modules you can have a completely custom system to protect your home and all your loved ones.. With the camera modules you can developed a closed circuit tv to keep a con stance visual on your home inside and out.

The things and ways that the x10 can be used to enhance your life style are limited only by your imagination. being able to control lights in you home sets the stage for mood lighting for some romance or theater effect for family movie night. Then when you are away from home the x10 can control your lights to make outsiders believe that someone is home.

These features work together as a great deterrent; marauders will have to guess if you are home or not.

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