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Home theater is more than just a television it is a system of discrete components working together in harmony to bring you the rich sights and sounds of today's electronics.

The development of vacuum tubes, transistors, and ic chips are the componets that have brought about home theater as we know it.  Althought there are many other componets use to regulate the flow and pumping of electrons these control the flow. Every element in an electronic ciruct exerts some type of direct influence over the performance of the circuct.

  • The size of the electronic components in the circuct.
  • The number of components in the circut.
  • The distance between the circut components.
  • The air that is able to flows over the componets in the circuct.
  • The size and shape of the room your entertainment system is located in.

All these things are relative to the overall performance of  your system. When you think about the components that making up your theater system you can think about a single  vacuum tube and television at the same time. That is so becuase in the overall scheme of things they are both components it is just the level that they operate on.

As you shop for components to build your system you will notice things. Have you noticed that the cables used to interconnect your components tend to be  6' or less in lenght. There is a reason for this as the cables become longer the dynamics of the cable change. This line of thinking can be applied to wireless transmissions as well. One of the biggest factors in the regulation of electrons is resistance to the flow of electrons. This resistance is relative to your wireless systems also. The exception to lenght is the wiring for your surround sound speaker system.

The disceret components used to build the circuitry are just like the finished products you buy like your televisions, recievers, and dvd players. These circucts are disigned to perform a specialized task. The complexity or the number of individual discreret components determind the quaility of the outputed signal. The higher the count of transistors, and fliter circuits the better the quality of the outputed signal. This higher count increases the price of the product. You get what you pay for.

If you could see inside of say a television form the 1950's the circutry was not all that complicated. Each specialized circuit was build around one vacuum tube. These circuits were petty easy to repair. There has been a dramatic increace in the number of specialized circuits and also the performance of our electronic devices. The amount of heat generated has also been drasticly decreased. You still need good air flow to cool the components for the best performance.

I want to reminded you that on both levels as a circuct and as a finshed product all the components must work together in harmony to provide the sighs and sound of todays entertainment system whether it is an audio device, video device, or surround sound speakers. Even the room you set your system up in plays an important role in the over all performance of your entertainment system.

Some people well most people precieve loud as being a good thing with sound. When you live in a house and not an apartment you just may be able to get away with loud. When good room acoustics and a good sound system meet you can hear your system without the volume being turned up high. This line of thinking is what surround sound is all about.

Consider when you go to the movie theater all things consider the volume is not at a deafing roar.  You can hear the the movies and the person seated a few seats away conversation. When you buy a dvd or music cd to play on your entertainment system at home you should be able to hold a conversation and still hear your conversation and system. A system that delivers this level of audio in your home is the ideal system.

The video component of your system performance is affected by the angle viewed at and lighting conditions under which it will operate. The size of the room in which your big screen tv is located is very improtant also. This has a direct determaination on how close you have to sat.

In the search for a home entertainment system that fits our needs as always there are many choices.  The price we pay for the components is just one of the considerations. The price paid for each component is a direct reflection of the features and performance of  home entertaiment systems.


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