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The Perpetual Day

As the night sky gives way to the light of day, each seeking goals set their appointed times. Sun set once again precede moon beams and starlit night, night in to day out, in peaceful slumber to hurried rushes so goes the perpetual day.

As darkness fade into twiligh the sun raises above the horizon speading rays of warmth to change winters long cold nights to days of cool Spring breezes, as days grow longer and warmer with each day's passing. Until it's perch high above the horizon bring summers long hot days and short nights.

Summer's days and nights with intense heat fade into Autumn's cool fall days as the sun's raise settles more along the horizon with the passing days. In the mist of Autumn's fall days we find Indian Summer with warm days and pleasant nights. Fall's short days gave way to winter's long cold nights and short cold days.

Just as the seasons mark the passing of time year in and year out, each seeking goals set their appointed times, Winter gives way to spring then spring to summer, summer to fall, and fall to winter.

As seconds turn to hours, days to weeks, weeks to months, then months to years the relentless hands of time shortens the days of our lives. As sun set precedes moon beams and starlit nights, night in to day out each seeking goals set their appointed times, in hurried rushes, and peacefull slumbers so goes the prepetual day.

As the days of our lives quickly come and go month in to year out, as the seasons of our lives pass from a youthful Spring to Summer, our Summer years quickly turn to Fall where our youth has disappeared then Fall to winter. We live the spring time of our lives as babies, little children, preteens, teens, and young adults wanting most of all the love of our parents.

Growing as a flowered plant, who's roots have dug deep into the earth growing bigger and stronger with each passing day reaching for the light and warmth of the sun. Till one day we become an adult passing into the summer of our lives. No longer a flower and but a plant able to bear fruit.

As we seek the set goals of our summers appointed time. Working the fields of our lives so that we may bear fruit, and seeking to savoring our fruit in due season. As we bear the fruits of Summer's seasons of life, we must savor the summers fruits before the on set of fall. For fall will bring adifferent harvest.

As sunset precedes moon beams and starlit nights, night in to day out, in peaceful slumbers to hurried rushes so goes the perpetual day.

As the fall of our lives set in which is the season of the harvest. Just as the Summer has yielded the fruits of it's harvest in due time too so has the fall it's fruit.

The fruit of the fall harvest is the fruit of a matured plant whose roots have grown and are well established. Whose branches are well laden with a full season's growth.

As the twilight years preceeds the fall of night, winter with dreary days and restless nights, of barren trees who's leaves have dropped cover a season's seeds and sprouts. Each seeking goals set their apointed time, in peaceful slumbers to hurried rushes so goes the perpetual day.

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