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Once you waste me you lose!

I am mankind's most priceless asset. My beginning can not be comprehended nor my end. All the wealth of the world can not buy me. I can transcend all that can be imagined and then that that can not be perceived. Once I have past I can not be retrieved. I affect the lives of minerals, plants, and animals.

I have witnessed the coming and going of stars, suns, planets, and galaxies. It is a useless waste of time to try and to control me. I am a powerful force and yet still I have never destroyed anything. There is no one who can stop my operation from being carried out. I can not be slowed down or sped up.

The healthy praise me and want all of me that they can get and then some. The sick curse me because they don't have enough of me or have to much.  The foolish disregard me. The wise hold me in high esteem and guard their use of me.

Here is the answer as to what Priceless commodity I am .

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