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Priceless Riches

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Disc with potos and video clips become priceless keepsakes of cherished memories priceless moments for strolls down memory lane.

Our Endeavors Give Color To our Lives!

Making Priceless Moments.

Pictures or video capture a few of the priceless moments of our lives with family and friends that seem to flee into the distant past of time and disappear. Many are from special occasions and celebrations in our lives and become cherished treasures of priceless keep sakes.

Weddings, birthdays, and school graduations are special occasions and events that mark turning points in our lives. Family reunions, bridal showers, weddings, and baby showers are a few of the occasions where we gather together in celebration of the joys of life. These are the moments that give flavor to our lives they are the priceless riches of life that we savor.

The endeavors of everyday life yield many unexpected situations which give flavor to our lives and become cherished memories priceless moments.  Some make us laugh till our sides hurt, yet many warm our hearts with the memory of years gone by; still others bring tears of joy or sorrow to our eyes.

Having photo's or video clips in honor of these priceless moments to transform into picture disc or homemade movies priceless. If a picture's worth is a thousand words then what does your collection of photos and video clips have to say about you?

Timeless Riches

There are many priceless riches in life that stands the test of time like true love, family, real friends, really good health, and prefect finances. Having leisure time to spent enjoying the fruits of life in the company of family and friends priceless. When we manage to have these we truly have the priceless riches of life.

To be free to live a life style where money is not the most important factor priceless. To work to live and not live to work priceless; now which one do you do?

When work is a great source of entertainment that enriches one's life it's priceless. As each and every one of us work to achieve our goals, and dreams may our work bring us fulfillment, and that play over shadow work. Even as we work, may that work being us joy so as to enrich our lives. May balance be the norm in our lives, and not the exception. You know there is one thing for certain you can not find that which you search not for. So uncover the priceless riches of the buried treasure in your life!

A few priceless riches.

A priceless moment could be as simple as babies first steps or real words. Maybe it was when you were able to drive a car by yourself for the first time or your first job. How about the time you snuck off to that place you were told not to go, scaring everyone with fear for your safety. What about going to the prom with your high school crush. How about the day you graduated high school or college to usher a new season into your life. The day you kissed your job goodby. How about a gift that was a hearts desire? Yes it is things both big and small that make cherished memories priceless moments.

Priceless Heart Warmers!

There are so many priceless moments to be cherished. Maybe it's the day you met your first crush. How about the day that you met your true love, or your first date, or the first special kiss. How about your engagement leading to your wedding day and honeymoon.  Your special kiss of newlywed love on your wedding day. The passions of love that made it possible to have baby showers, or your 1st or 50th wedding anniversary. The tears of joy that warm our hearts when a loved one wins in an epic struggles over an illness These are but a few of cherished memories priceless moments that warm our hearts.

For The Love of Family!

Let us not forget family affairs and reunions with friends to cherish our loved ones with hugs and kisses. These special occasions are about the memories of years gone by, and to meet family members for the first time. Family reunions are a time to renew old bonds and to make new ones to harvest and savor the priceless moments of time being spent with family. There is no better place to capture the cherished memories of family history than at family reunions and get togethers.

These are just a few of the special occasions from which life's cherished memories priceless moments come until the day of our final curtain call; special affairs and get to gathers like; family reunions, baby showers, birthdays, proms, sweet sixteen parties, romantic dates, engagements, weddings and honey moons. To have photos or video clips of  some of the priceless moments from your cherished memories for homemade movie and picture disc priceless.

These are priceless.

Not all priceless moments are wave a flag moments. Some pass almost unnoticed, yet still they affect our lives greatly.  They are the small achievements that make it possible to realize our dreams and achieve goals. It's little things like passing quizzes to have straight A's in school. Working out disagreements making it to the 50th anniversary. It's being able to weather failures in business to become a successes. It's not going under after you have been down sized. Our journeys touch the lives of family, friends, and strangers.

Some time the priceless moment that take place in our lives are not moments of happiness or joy but of pain and sorrow.  Many of us enjoy movies where the theme is about some epic struggle for life, that bring tears to the corner of our eyes. Yet still our epic struggles for life are but fleeting moments that we would like to push into the dark recesses of our lives and minds to be forgotten. Yet still the richness and joy brought by sweet victories over events that cause us pain are priceless.

Events that impact our lives in a dramatic way provide valuable information. Our accomplishment are the essence which season our lives with priceless riches. Our struggles give color to our lives and have made us who we are. When we can share our story with others who value our story they can grow.

Surly you have some priceless moments that have taken place in your life that warms your heart as well as the hearts of your loved ones. Some to cry by, some for laughter, and a few peals of wisdom to leave behind. Wisdom for the most part comes from experiences in life. Capture a few pictures and video clips that hold valuable family treasures to be savored; where are your priceless riches?

Memories and moments cherished.

It would be nice to have homemade dvd's filled with pictures and video clips of cherished memories priceless moments that seem to have disappeared into the distance past of our lives. Watching theses priceless keep sakes occasionally would be like visiting with missed family, and friends for a stroll down memory lane. Just how much do you think such a video disc or dvd would warm your heart?  Good company laughter and a little story telling goes a long way to provide home entertainment. Are not all these the moments that the priceless riches of life are made of? So make some plans to capture a few of cherished memories priceless moments from special occasions and day to day events in your life.

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