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The dance of the siren is as an exotic fragrance that is so intoxicating it makes it hard to look away. PerfumeWorldwide - Logo 13 - Animated Today's flirt buddy, or heart throb may be tomorrow's has been. So how is your dance?

The dance of the siren is the dance of intrigue that makes the men stare, drool, wish, and hope Dance Of The Sirens.that he is the one for which she calls. Uh! but the dance isn't just about how she moves on the dance floor these moves can be anywhere even in church. The facial expressions that take place when two peoples eyes meet. It's the aromatic fragrance of the perfect amount of perfume for encounters of the up close kind. For beauty is truley in the eye of the beholder.

What one man finds attractive may be another man's turn off. Sure every man's eye can be cuaght by the vixen with the halter top Single And Lookingand Daisey dukes. Uh yes she draws them in, then shoots them down one by one. Then she has a few that she fiddles with Girl Party and have fun!leaving the rest in a jealous state. It's a dangerous game that the feebled minded can not handle. Yea girl give me a lap dance, bootie dance or something then let me take you home and we can do the wild thing. But the truth be told if I thought I could I would do you right here and now.

Uh! But these nights are about enjoying the single life. Foot lose and fancy free. Staying out all night until broad day light. Not having to worry about going home to Billy Bob or Susy May asking where you been. See once you get married these days are put to and end. Not having a good time that part should never end  It's the flirting and being out all night and days on end without going home that ends. Then to if it suits your fancy a bootie call here and there.

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