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Need for Speed:
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Welcome to the world of Need For Speed:
One Word Of Caution Don't Get Caught!

This series of Electronic Arts game Need For Speed will give many hours of leisure time entertaiment. The different race tracks and courses from which to choose, the graphics and challenges of the driving conditions are second to non. Here are the lead foots safety zones for satisfying the need to speed. You can avoid speeding tickets in the real world by coming into the world of need for speed. Here you can meet the challenge of beating the clock, a fellow racer, out smarting the cops or go all out and race against all three. Have a high adventure road trip without the risk, or expense and yet all the thrills. Then if you really get deep into the game maybe even a few chills.

Drive high powered exotic dream machines and muscle cars in all the places that would challenge your driving skills in real life. Meet the challenge of staying ahead of the pack, on the road, and not get caught! Those who love pushing a car to it's limit will find that these racing games are full of flavor but lite on calories. These factors make these games priceless treasures to be enjoyed for years to come.

The race courses in need for speed game take you from crowded city streets, to iced out high mountain passes, as well as boiling hot desert roads. So if you think that you can win with just the brute strength of speed you will be sadly surprised. The skills needed to survive on some of the course will entertain you and frustrate you at the same time so be forewarned.


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