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Making plans to attend some entertainment event away from home?  Whether your plans are for yourself, family, friends, or for romance.  

Feed your appetite the nourishment that you crave. Just how spicy a meal does your soul desire. Each type of event feeds a different set of emotions.  A good love story will leave you with an entirely different feeling than a horror movie.

 Concerts, Comedy Shows

You don't have the same expectation for say a music concert as a comedy show. Different types of music inspire a different feeling in you when listened to. If you are seeking to be hugged being slapped around just won't do. Each artist have their own style some soothe and caress you leaving you feeling relaxed. Others take you on a roller coaster ride that drives you into a state of high energy.

People in attendance at an event are looking forward to the manifestation of certain feelings. These expectations charge the atmosphere with a certain type energy. Some individuals are more driven than others by these expectations and react differently. Each person in attendance contribute to the events energy charge in their own way.

Sporting Events

The expectation of a sporting event is different than for a movie, yet there is a common bond between them, you are a spectator. Even so you become a part of the action that is taking place. If its a sports event you become one of the players. If it is a movie you become one of the characters in the movie. Theater productions may be the parents of movies yet when you leave a play you are in an entirely different emotional state.

The type of energy emitted at different events can nourish different feelings and contribute to conversation with family and friends who share your interest. It is good to gather with lots of people from time to time being at a gathering with lots of people is good for the soul.

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