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Home Or where You Live.

Our homes are a refection of ourselves. Our perspective on life is reflected in our homes location, A place where dreams start and made real.along with the decor, and furniture that we furnish them with. Home is a place to season our lives with the priceless riches of life. Where we can relax and enjoy home entertainment with family, friends, have a few quiet moments for ourselves and perfect our dreams for our lives.

Where ever we choose to live be it in the heart of a large city or in a remote sparsely populated area we all have ideas of a dream home. From large spawling mansions to small quaint cottages we all seek to savor the priceless riches of leisure time entertainment. Whether we have huge reserves of resources or acquiring our living day by day we all want our dream homes to do more then just supply us with shelter. To have the home of our dreams that supports our life style priceless.
There are many places to find shelter and still not have a home. A lean to in the woods can supply shelter and not be home all thou a lean to could be home. You can find shelter in the dark damp recesses of a cave that dose not make it home. The refined comforts of a luxurious hotel can provide shelter, but unless you live there and  have made a section your home it still is not home.
A house is a structure built to provide shelter but that does not make a house a home. Home is the place you look forward to going after a hard days work. Home is the place your find joy in being there. Home is the place you share with the people who are important in your life. Home is the place that you go to to relax and refresh your self  before the next days task
What makes a house a home is the love that takes place there. There are many houses that are only shelter and not a home. These are buildings of empty refuge suffering from a lack of the special ingredients to make it a home. Home is a place of power in our lives. The homes we dream of  are a conduit for sharing and nurturing the formation and fulfillment of dreams. Home is the place you indulge yourself in leisure time entertainment activities with the people you love.
From the space in the attic to the room in the basement and from the front gate to the back gate we can find opportunities for our homes to be the place where our lives are filled with the joy's of, laughter, caring, sharing, and dreams made real.  If walls could talk what would your home have to say about the life lived within it's walls?  Leisure time the priceless fruit of life! How do you spend yours?

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