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Needs It Just Got's To Have It!

Today I am suffering from the perils of withdrawal. Yesterday I failed to manage to get my daily dosage of drug. I spent most of the night curled up in the fetal position. I really did not get any rest cause I was tossing and turning all night with worry. I was worried about how I might be able to do better today in getting enough to meet my needs. I have so many bad habits that it is hard to keep up.

It is hard to make it without my daily fix. My habits are so bad that I have to work seven days a week until they run me away from work. I get really disappointed when they do that and I am one of the more fortunate people to be in a position to make good money at work. My family keeps telling me that I needed to give up some of these bad habits that make me have to stay at work so much.  I know that what they are saying to me is the truth but I just can not help myself.

It feels so good when I am able to get more and the more I get the better I feel. I have been an addict for so long now that I would not know how to live without the wonderful feel that having my fix brings. It's as the song of a siren that blinds me to all else. It lures me and makes me feel so peaceful and secure. It helps to keep me warm when its cold and cool when it's hot. It keeps worry from my door and helps me to sleep when ever I get a chance. With it my dreams are so refreshing and wonderful. Without it I have night mares and can not rest.

The siren songs reaches to the depths of my soul. I hear her calling me when awoke or when I sleep. Hers is a song that is hard to ignore once you have heard it. So daily I seek to get my fix. Seeking her can cause me to go days on end without sleep. She makes me leave my family and to loss my appetite when I can not be with her. Even now she calls to me to leave this key board behind to seek her out. The need to go grows stronger with each passing moment. Want drives me mad with wanton abandon and recklessness. Just seeing her soothes me and at the same time drives me mad with the need for her.

Uh! but a last I must abandon this key board and take action. For Mr. & Mrs. Needmore are at my door. Once they show up Ms. Wantmore is always close behind. Then I have to go and hang out with Mr. Gottogetit. So I gotta cut you'll lose and go out and get my daily fix in.

Answer for the riddle of a junkies dilemma.

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