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John Franklin Sr

Who am I?

I like most people have dreams and hopes. Over the course of my life in the pursuit of my goals and dreams the challenges of life have been many.  The lessons learned have been many. There are many challenges still to be faced.

Since 1973 I have earn a living by doing mostly residential carpentry construction work. I enjoy doing carpentry work and what I do I am good at doing which is finish work. To make a long story short call me if you are concerned with being a wise steward over your resources then call me. The trouble with money is that it is hard to come by and so easy to go.

During one season of my life as a hobby I became involved in electronics. I learned enough about electronics to be able to build power supplies and audio circuits from discreet components.

After I bought the home I live in now. I became a back yard gardener. The lot is small shaded most of the day and sandy. So to get good yields from the plants I have had to learn a lot about plants.

My first computer was a commodore C-16 what a pain then a C-128. My current system is an IBM compadable system I build my self. I started using the internet in the late 80's in search of information and resources for my life as a contractor. That information and resources were hard to come by.

With most people it's not about what you need but what they are selling. If your house needs a roof I could not tell you you need gutters. If you have a problem either I can solve your problem or I can not.

Any way my focus has not changed all that much just expanded. Our homes are our most valuable resource, As always I seek to be a resource manager.

About this site.

This site is about leisure time entertainment recreation activities at home or when traveling.

It is my hope to help you find the resources to enjoy affordable entertainment whether at home or in your travels away from home. There are many places to find entertainment althou affordable is subjective in that depends on how much you have to spend. Still there are ways to accomplish an objective and overcome obstacles.

Work is an activity that we engaged in to live. Time is something we have a limited amount of and this site is about extracting the most from your time. To me leisure is the priceless fruit of life to be spent enjoying the company of family and friends.

The most wonderful thing about the web is that it is available on a 24/7 bases. You can go on line at anytime that is convenient for you. You can shop, conduct business, research information of all types, or you can socialize with family and friends.

I hope to fill in the area of shopping and research for certain types of information making it possible to spend more time with family, friends and effectively management your resources. It is my hope to help you realize as many of your dreams as possible concerning you leisure time entertainment needs.

As you visit the pages of this site in search of information to fill a goal it is my hope that the information is in an easy to digest format most of all. It is also hoped that at all times that the banners, pictures, and graphics provide information that make the phase a picture is worth a thousand words true.

The graphic in the top left corner depiction of the name Sun Over Two Moons. As you look at my graphic the sun is suspended between two night scenes. This represents the passage of time as we past from one season of life to the next. It's about the day to day passage of time as we move about our daily lives. It also represents the passage of time over the span of our lives. The two nights are our birth and death as we pass from one twilight to the next.

Also over the course of our lives the things that we find entertaining changes. These changes affect our taste in food, our physical activities engaged in for recreation, as well as the things that we find amusing or laughable. Hence Entertainment For All Seasons. The word season is a simple and complex word all at the same time. It is the context in which it is used that makes the difference. My application of the word is not limited to one of it's definitions. At any gaven time it's use on this site can have more than one application.

As the night sky gives way to the light of day each seek goals set their appointed times. Once again sun sets precede moon beams and starlit night, night in to day out, in peaceful slumber to hurried rushes so goes the perpetual day.

I what to thank you for taking the time to visit my web site and hope that you find it both entertaining and useful.

Your Host and Webmaster
John Franklin Sr.

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