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Finding romanceRadisson Hotels & Resorts and real love is a challenge. Crushes puppy love and infatuation masquerade as love.  Today's heart throb of flirt buddy may be tomorrows has been. Uh! When eyes first meet.

High school flirts, teenage crushes to capture the essence and excitement of infatuation to have for a life time would be a dream come true. To be all giddy with laughter about some one you saw across the room. To feel the excited racing of your heart with hope. The young encounter PerfumeWorldwide - Logo 13 - Animatedthese rushes on a daily basis. It's like an addiction that calls you back time and time again.

Romance and love are not necesarily the same thing. One can have a romantic interlude and not be in love. Romance makes the heart glade and sing with joy. Just like an infactuation it is full of excitement. There are many people who can never get past the exitement that is found in romance. Once the excitement dies off they loss interest.

Two strangers meeting in the night can share the call of the wild. Finding delight in the sights, and sents, of passionate embraces. Real romance is a dance of passions and interactions.  It's a heady attraction that pulls to people together in a flowing rush of ecstacy. 

There are many suddulties to a love relationship and it's seasons. True love passes through many seasons and continues to grow. Shoes and assessories for special occasionsThe old wedding vow speaks volumes about true love. It is a dance that requires the partners to be in sync with each other lest someone's feet are constantly being stepped on.

Love can be a strange thing of pain and ecstasy. One is in pain and the other is in ecstasy. Ones in love the other is not.

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