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The car is a great way to travel. This is especially true when you have the leisure time. Road trips are a cost effective way for large families with limited resources to visit with out of town family and friends.

Since it's earliest days the car has always been more than a mear means of transportation. It has been a vehicle for the fulfillment of dreams, provided entertainment and served as a source of adventure in more ways than one.

If your are wondering how a car can fulfill a dream just think of all the business and jobs the car industry has make possible. That is a very large number of families and people who's  dreams and wishes have been made real.

When I first started driving fuel was like 15 cents a gallon. Sunday after noon drives were a very common form of leisure time entertainment. There were drive-in movies, and drive-in dinners. Cruising around town flirting and street drag racing were big pass times. City folks took drives out to the country and country folk drove into the city.

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Even in the cars of today the high price of fuel can make a road trip risky business. If you really want a cross country adventure by car then try it in one from the 50's, 60's or 70's.Even so when it comes to road trips as adventure; travel by cars first owners was real adventure. Just getting the car start was risky business.

Now road trips or travel by car are like a cool breeze in the shade. That is away from the beaten paths or at lest not during peak rush hours. Being stalled in heavy traffic is one of the biggest problems faced by today's motorist. When driving across long distances and you are press for time it can be hard to plan your travels through large metro areas.

There are so many accessories cars, trucks, and motor cycles come with today they could turn the first car owners green with envy. Today's vehicles are so much more sophisticated then they were even 5 years ago.

The mobile entertainment systems in a car rivals those in a home. Stereo sound systems with dvd players for the automobile can sound better than those in the home. The suspension systems are so vastly different from the first cars. All these thing along with the improvements in the roads make driving a pleasure and not a chore.

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