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I Can Move A Montain!     

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A Thug's Life
Change Of Seasons
The Perpetual Day

  1. Most valuable resource?
  2. The junkies dilemma?
  3. The ultimate team?
  4. Getf No Respect?
  5. The pricless commodity?
  6. Scream For Me!
  7. Dream with me!

Dream a little dream with me!

I am the maker of dreams. With me it is possible to move mountains. I can bring hope to where there is dispair.

Inventors need me and so does inovation. I can help solve problems. I bring to light the unseen.

Some have more of me than others. I am feed to the young in large dosages. I am all that the old have left. There are those in whom I have run amuck for them I can be trouble.

With me there are endless worlds of possiblities. Those who can harness me process a treasure trove of many riches. Yes And I do move montains.


Answer for the riddle of Dream With Me.

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