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Early Roads Trips!

Early Road Trips
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When it comes to road trips as adventure; travel by cars first owners was real adventure. Imagine what it was like to travel by car over a hundred years ago. To start the car you used a hand crank and it could break your arm. Cars had no heat, no air conditioner, no radio, stereo was unheard of, no power steering, no power brakes, and no lights. If it rained or snowed, they would get rained on or snowed on.

The roads were unimproved so after wet weather the little skinny tires would sink into the mud. If they came across dry sand they could forget travel in that direction do you know how hard it is to walk in dry sand? Just think about how hard it was to take a road trip back then talk about adventure on the open road. Yet still after a while cars were an improvement over the horse drawn buggy.

Could you even imagine what it was like to own and drive a car at the turn of the century. Driving conditions back then were terrible, and for the most part driving was a job. The hundred years or so that automobiles have been around great improvements have been made. There are so many accessories cars, trucks, and motor cycles come with today they could turn the first car owners green with envy. With the improvement in the roadways; driving the open roads on a road trip now compared to back then is like a cool breeze in the shade on a hot day.

Today's vehicle are so much more sophisticated then they were even 5 years ago. The mobile entertainment systems in a car rivals those in a home. Stereo sound systems with dvd players for the automobile can sound better than those in the home. The suspension systems are so vastly different from the first cars. All these thing along with the improvements in the roads make driving a pleasure and not a chore.

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