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Visco 37" VSC-37V3
Xbox 360 Game Console
Hitachi 42" HDF39 Plasma

42" ED Plasma Television

42" Hd Plasma System
CINEOS 63PF9631D/37
Quiet Storm Theater
The Thumper VSC-32V1
Panasonic 42" Widescreen Plasma HDTV with SD Card Slot - TH-42PX60U. Price $1,348.00
This plasma is a bargin hunters deal when it comes to widescreen hdtv. It has two tuners an ASTC and a NTSC along with a cable card slot. For those who prefer plasma over LCD the Th-42PX60U offers that choice. It's not as feature rich as the Philips 63PF963ID/37, but it's price and features still makes it a good choice for those looking to upgrade to high definition and want the widescreen format.
Panasonic TH-42PX60U 42

The Th-42PX60U is part of the next generation of Hdtv. Today's hdtv's with ATSC tuners allow you to watch the increasing number of  programs that are broad casted in the hd format.
63 philips 63pf963id/37Philips 63" CINEOS Widescreen Plasma HDTV w/ HDMI x2 Inputs, 63PF9631D/37 Price $ 3,598.00
Watch all your favorite programs and video on this big screen plasma. The Philips 63PF963ID/37 has built in tuners ATSC, NTSC, and QAM cable decoder, 5 screen modes, and 6 screen resolutions to make it a good long term asset.
Those are just a few of the things that make the Philips 63PF9631D/37 monitor a very wise choice for bargain hunters seeking a feature rich high definition plasma tv as a center piece for your home theater system. Then for those times when widescreen just won't do. You have those 5 screen modes to choose from. At those times big screen tv is better than widescreen. The Philips 63PF963ID/37 offers value and function to display all your video sources.
Home Theater Speaker Systems
Cambridge SoundWorks Speakers  Prices Start @ $ 449.99 Soundworks speaker packages are a series of 5 different surround sound speaker systems. The Studio is one package in the series of 5 and is a compact low profile 6.1 or less speaker system. The Enthussiast are 6.1+ compact low profile speaker systems and cost somewhat more. The Entertainer offers more bang for the buck once again are 6.1+ compact low profile speaker packages. The Producer and Professional packages are two top end speaker packages for those who have the means and willingness to spend a little more for a surround sound system. SoundWorks Speakers

Equip Your Multi Media Entertainment Center

Media Center HP M7690N HP M7690N Pavilion Multi Media Tv Center Desktop PC
Price $1,648.00

Cambridge SoundWorks Receivers
Stereo and Home Theater

Bargin hunters treasure trove for turning your home entertainment system into a home theater center. Start with one componet then add additional componets to build your green with envy home theater entertainment system.

Game Consule System
PlayStation 3 Bundle Play Station 3 Bundle
Get your PS3 and enjoy the latest in technology,  Enjoy games in high definition with the sounds to match.
Nyko HDMI Cable PS3
PS3 HDMI Cable
Hook your Game console to any hdtv with a hdmi port. and enjoy your games in the high definition format.

Dorn Technologies
Dorn Technologies IT Supportunderstands how vital IT Support services are. We specialize in the areas of design, implementation, management and support.

TIGER Direct for hands on Multi Media
icon17" LCD Monitor w/Speakers
JVC RXD212B 770-Watt 7.1- Channel Home Theater Receiver (XM Ready & PC Connection via USB)JVC RXD212B 770-Watt 7.1-Channel        Price $239.54 
Bring rich harmonic JVC RXD212B powered surround sound to your home entertainment system. From a quiet whisper to a deafening roar the JVC RXD212B does it at about 32 cents a watt. A JVC RXD212B home theater receiver.
Hitachi 50C20 50" LCD Projection HDTV w/ Built-In ATSC Tuner & Custom Stand Price $1,597.00 Hitachi 50 rear projection lcd
Prefer a projection screen lcd then the Hitachi 50C20 makes a great buy for families on a tight budget out to make the move to hdtv. The 50" lcd projector screen 50C20 with 1280 x 768 screen resolution, has a built in 24 watt speaker system, and a 17" depth to save floor space.
Philips 42" Widescreen LCD HDTV w/ Built-in Digital Tuner & HDMI, 42PF7421D
Price $ 1,394.00

The Philps 42PF7421D LCD tv makes a strong link as a componet in your home theater system. The Philps 42PF7421D has 5 different screen display resolution. You can configure the screen to match your video source.
Cambridge SoundWorks Amplified 33 watts Multimedia Computer Speaker System   Price $ 79.99Amplified multimedia speaker system
Connect SoundWorks Multimedia Speakers to a portable CD/tape player, boombox, computer or TV anything with a headphone jack or audio outputs for incredible high fidelity sound and great bass. Available in black or computer beige.
RCA 32" Widescreen LCD HDTV w/ Built-In Digital Tuner & HDMI, L32WD12 L32WD12
Price $ 798.00

Lcd panel tv's give many ways in which to configure your home theater system. The RCA L32WD12 has ATSC and NTSC tuners, 1366 x 768 resolution, it's fast response time is great for use with game consoules, pc inputs, and a 20.5 year life expectancy.
Akai 32" Widescreen LCD HDTV w/ Built-in Digital ATSC/NTSC Tuner & DVD Player, LCT-3201AD Akai 32 Atsc/Ntsc tuners Price $ 788.00
The Akai LCT-3201AD features 1366 x 768 pixels, ASTC/NTSC tunners. The Akai LCT-3201AD has it's own built in dvd player. The thin lcd profiles allows it to fit just about anywhere.

Check out combining these components to create a
  home theater system for a prices under $ 1,000.00

The Thumper =Visco 32" LCD HDTV VSC-32V1 LCD w/ Built-In Digital Tuner AND Philips 1000 Watts DVD Home Theater System with DivX Ultra, HTS3440/37

Visco 37 Visco 37" Widescreen LCD HDTV w/ Digital Tuner, VSC-37V3
Price $ 698.00
The place where price and features meet. The Visco VSC-37V3 37 inch wide screen lcd are a bargin hunters dream. Visco VSC-37V3 are dual resolution lcd monitors in wide screen format. Enjoy rich sighs in over 16.5 million colors with 500 Cd/m brightness,  contrast raito is 1000/1. The Visco VSC-37V3 output jacks gives you choices when it comes to surround sound speakers. Use the head phone jack to hook up the low
cost computer speakers to enhance your sounds or with the rca jacks you can add the Philips HTS3440/37 to build a affordable home entertainment system

Xbox 360 Customer's Choice BundleX Box 360 Price $387.66

The X box 360 is more then just a game console. The xbox 360 is also a high definition dvd player. So if your money is tight and you want a game consoule and hd dvd play check it out.

Sony DAV-DX315 5 Disc Integrated DVD Dream Home Theater System Sony DAV-DX315     Price: $ 398.00

The Sony DAV-DX315 5.1 surround sound speaker system has power to spare. Add this package to your theater setup to complete your home theater system. For family movie night load the jvc thc60 with 5 of your favorite dvd movies or disc, then sat back and relax with out getting up to change disc. The Sony DAV-DX315 has the ability to play 11 different disc formats.

Hitachi 42HDF39 Widescreen 42" Plasma HDTV w/ Built-In HD Tuner
Hitachi 42hdf39

Want a plasma with screen resolutions that gives option then the Hitachi 42hdf39 does that and more, for when you are ready to kick back and do some serious relaxing? And for those times when your plasma tv end up watching you sleep the Hitachi 42" 42HDF39 has screen savers so it's a no burn plasma. These are just two benefit of this plasma screen tv.
Price $1,599.00

Use the Hitachi 42HDF39 as the video display unit in your home theater system. Enjoy many features with the Hitachi 42HDF39 like dual turners ASTC and NTSC, pip, 4 different high resolustion modes, component jacks makes this a great video unit for you to connection your cable box, satellite dish, home theater receiver, computer, and DVD player, along with the many other components in your entertainment system. A perfect monitor for those who want all the benefits of plasma TV, at an affordable price. Uh! as prices desend from lofty hieghts don't wait to long to make your move cuase if you snooze to long you loose.

Tech Depot - An Office Depot Co.

Find the electronic components to complete or update your home or office computer system be it an Apple or IBM compatible computer system. Build a computer system that can power your home entertainment system as well.

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