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A Thug's Life

A Thug's Life.

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A Life Of Hustling And Death

Nobody wants to die, but unfortunately, it happens. Step into the wrong game and clapped. It happens and if it hasn't, it will! This thug life is not a game or fun thing people like to do. It's another way of life not a good life, but it is a life. Here's my story......
My name is Carter but everyone calls me Lil' Weezie and when I wake up in the morning I thank God above for letting me live another beautiful day in these streets of Southside Chicago. It is not easy to live in the hood; I mean, there is always police sirens, gun shots, and hypes everywhere you look, it's sickening. I run this block everyone knows that, and those who don't find out the hard way. All my family live on htis block, and we run a chain of illegal gun smuggling. We get everything from grenade launchers, m-16's, m-15's, even if you want a 38*, we got it. It is a profitable business. When someone see's or knows you got a little bit of change in your pocket, they want it. That's just how it goes. Most of these guns are hot and we try to keep it on the D.L.. Ya knows? But sometimes slip out, and that's when all the drama starts. Like the other day, this one cat I do business with , his name is Tony. He had a big mouth and everyone knew it. Nobody liked doing business with him, but he always had that paper to cover whatever. But not yesterday. He and his friend had a plan to jack everything I have and own, but they were messing with the wrong dude at the wrong time. They had this plan to set me up with the D.A.. I am a smart person, I don't do business with any body I don't know, and that's real. He said to meet him with with all the heavy artillery I had at the old shoe factory just out of Chi-Town. I knew something was up because he never acked for the big stuff. I got to thinking maybe he hit a lick or somethig like that, but I was in for a rude awaking. I pull up in a junker because you don't want to be obvious in a pimped out chevy truck. So I pull up to the abandoned warehouse and I should have trusted my instinct because there was too many cars here for this to be abandoned. I got out of my car and grabbed three duffel bags, reach in my jock, pull out my 9mm and start dumping at anything I saw. I hit two D.A. oficers, and I got hit in the shoulder and then in leg, and then I see Tony, the guy I was one bullet left in the chamber. I aimed and squeezed the trigger and hit him in the head. I don't care how I went out in this game as long as I got mine in, and I did, so in that case, I went out a true soldier and that's all I care about.

Keith Bixnman

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