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Magical Friends Singing Dora DollMagical friends singing dora doll
Get this play companion for your little girl. Help grow her imagination. Singing dora has 4 friends to keep them company. Price $ 15.00

Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB MP3 Video Player - Black
Portable multi media center Carry your favorite photos around in this electronic album. The Zen 70PF169000001 Micro player can hold 1,000's of photo's displayed in over 200,000 colors or use it to store up to 4,000 of your favorite songs. Online Only Price $ 219.54

Mobilblue 1 gb cube digital audio playerMobiBLU 1 GB Cube Digital Audio Player, Silver Talk about small light weight easy to carry portable entertainment devices. Online Only Price $69.73

1/6 Scale Radio-Controlled Hummer SUT RC - Radio Controlled 1:6 Scale Cars And Trucks Price $ 59.96 Radio contolled cars and trucks. Make great gifts for preteens and teens. Rc vehicles can be operated just about anywhere indoors or out. Just add some imagination.

Nintendo DS Lite with BONUS Accessory Bundle! Nintenfo Ds Lite bundle Starts at $149.00
Nintendo just gets better. The Nintendo ds lite is an improvement over the previeous version. The screen adjust to lighting conditions and it's not as heavy.
Amazing AmandaAmazing Amanda DollPrice $ 69.97 Amazing Amanda She walks, she talks, she crys, she eats, she's potty trained, and she knows her mamma's voice now isn't that amazing! This ain't your Grammy's doll.

Dora The explorer tv with remote controlDora the Explorer 13" Television With Remote Control. Shop hunderds of dolls to find the right one for the little doll in your life.  Price $ 89.72

Stuck inside bored and tv just won't do?  Don't let those hot or rainy days be dead boring days. The ESPN Game Station can liven things up and burn off a few calories..

Kodak 5 MP EasyShare C340 Digital Camera & DockKodak Easy Share C340 Digital Camera Price $149.84 A camera for those times where there are some Kodak moments so to speak of a priceless memory you would like to capture as a priceless keep sake of time.
The Thumper - Sights and sounds entertainment center or home theater it's your call. Priced for the tight budget. 26" hd LCD 26pf532id/37 and 1000 watt sc-ht740 surround sound package with 5 disc dvd player. Priced under $1,200.00

LeapFrog Leapster Mulitmedia Learning System, PinkLeapFrog Leapster Mulitmedia Learning System, Pink
Price $ 49.84

Fisher-Price Star Station Entertainment SystemStar Station Entertainment SystemBy Fisher-Price
Price $ 58.88

PSP Basic BundlePSP Basic Bundle
Pick Assessories to go with your PSP Basic Bundle. Online Only
Price $ 279.64

Game Boy Micro Bundle Game Boy Micro Bundle Anywhere spare time wizzard
Prices Start at $ 119.74

Polaroid 7Polaroid PCM-2727
7" Dual-Screen Car DVD Player w/Game Controller Built-in Games
Price $ 198.88

Vtec Vsmille potable pocket game systemVTech V.Smile Pocket Portable Game System

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