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Heroes and Villians

The Incredibles The heros story.A comical animated story about the lives of modern day heroes attempt to retire to family life in the suburbs.
Enjoy your leisure time entertainment with the rich sights and sounds of watching dvd movies, listening to music, or playing video games on your home or mobile entertainment system. Heroes have to have lots of courage in order to overcome everyday challenges, personal fears, and villians. Expereince life from a different perpective as you watch others rise to the challenge of overcoming their fears, and not give up or give in. Get the full use of your home theater system from the comfort of your favorite easy chair.
Havens Gate 219 minutes.
Heavens Gate the hidden vilain.A story about villians who are government employees with corrupt agendas. This story retells the events that take place in western Wyoming's Johnson County Land grab. It tells how murder takes place under the cover of government.
Shaft In Africa 112 minutes. Shaft In Africa a hero for today.
One in a series of three. In this tale Richard Roundtree works undercover to expose villians in a slave ring kidnapping Africans and selling them in Europe.

Cyborg 99 minutes.Cyborg 99 minutes
This movie takes place in the distance future. It is a story about greed and treachery. A beautiful cyborg woman seeks escape from being the pawn of a ruthless CEO"s destructive plot to corner the cyborg market.

Forest Gump Forest Gump on dvd let his story warm your heart.
A touching story depicted by Tom Hanks as leading actor.  Tom depicts Forrest Gump a man with both mental and physcial handicaps who beat all odds in war and love to become a shrimp king millionaire. Not all heros face foes  outside of themselves Forrest Gump over comes his own limitations to be a heros hero.
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Shane 117 minute.
Shane a classic western hero.This classic western is the story of a family's strugg to hold on to their land against a ruthless land baron. Then enters the hero Shane a drifting exgun fighter who turns the tide in their favor and save their land.

Samurai II 109 minutes.
Samuri II 103 minutesCheck out this action packed movie. As a lone warrior battle summons courage against great odds to to overcome fear. As he does so his loved ones watch helplessly on the side lines.

The Crimson Pirate
The Crimson Pirate Villain or hero? Some time it is hard to tell if someone is a good guy or bad. This is one of those times. In this story the would be villain turns out to be the hero. Which one is he really, is it just a matter of perception?

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Heros Villains
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