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A time - A season.

The times of Our lives.
Change Of Seasons
A Thug's Life
The Prepetual Day
The Spring season of life.
Are the seeds of early spring freshly planted and ready to grow.
Are the tenders sprouts of spring growing roots, leaves and reaching for the sun.
Are plants growing strong root and foliage.
As the last days of spring fades away summer approaches.
Young Adult
Young adults are the plants of early summer able to bear fruit.
Mature Adult
Mature adults around the age of 46. These are the years of ripening fruit.
Golden Years
There the years  of ripened fruit the harvest and the cruise.

Gardens Of Expectation!

The Premise.
The priceless riches of life are in it's seasons. As we live passing from one season of life to the next we have different expectations for each season as life matures us. Each season or stage of maturity affects us in different ways. Theses changes touch every aspect of our being. As individual's we mature at different rates. Some people may develop faster physically others mental development is faster. Still others can suffer from slow physical and mental development. Regardless of what rate a person matures the seasons still come and go.
The tides of change.
Every stage in life brings with it different experiences. The challenges that are presented by these seasons are the true adventures and the greatest that can be taken in life. Learning how to acquire the resources to sustain our personal being is an adventure in it's self. The objective is to work to live and not live to work. There is a potential problem of our struggling with short term goals and loosing sight of our long term goals. When ever we want to accomplish something we need to form a mental picture of that goal.
First seeds.
Babies are the seeds of early spring freshly planted and ready to grow. We come into life as a fresh sheet of paper having no writing on it. In the process of growing the sheet began to fill with writing as we gain knowledge of self and learn about life. As time passes we obtain our own personality. Then we began to have expectations and working to achieve goals. At first it is simple goals like crawling, walking. Then we want to fit in to have a place first in our family then in society. As we grow and mature through the seasons of life we become more responsible for our own well being. These are the reasons that pictures and video become valuable keepsakes.
Early Spring
The cycle for each stage of development has the potential learning experience as that for a new born. As a new born we seek to have our basic needs meet. We are totally dependent on others to take care of us. How well we are taken care of depends o n our care givers abilities to discern what we need when we need it and then supplying it. Some where around the age of two we enter into a new season. Most of us can walk, and now we are seeking to talk. If our care givers are good with us we are to say potty trained. We are well aware of play and laughter. Three years later at the age of five we petty much have our own personality. The type of person we are has jelled. Any bad traits that have developed if not changed at this stage or worked on will just about be there for life.
Kids: The tender shoots
Some where around seven and now we pick who we want to play with or who our friends are. We  now have the run of the block if you live in the city. Ma and pa don't have to watch us constantly to keep us safe we know to stay out of the street. It's been a long time since we put everything in our mouths to find out what it is.
Preteens: The hardy plant.
The age of twelve has arrived we ain't no kid no more. But then who did you ask that. Don't ask the 16 to 18 year olds teens cause to them a 12 year old teen is still a kid and hanging out with them cramps their style. It's a long stretch to 16 and a lot has to be learned. There is more freedom and more responsibility.
Teens: The harden plant.
Seventeen definitely the last year of being a child it's the edge of adulthood. This is the year to do some wing testing. Leaving home alone and with friends to come and go under your own power. But there is still a bewitching hour to be back home and not be in trouble.
Eighteen you have to do all your own thinking. If you make a bad decision it's on you. You have the freedom to stay gone as long as you like. All night and even for days on end if you so chose. You are a part of the adult world working to earn an income to meet the expenses of life. Sure there are no absolutes everybody doesn't make it across thrush holds at the same time. Some teens have been working now for a few years. Then there are those who have not given work a serious thought, and have not set any goals for themselves or given the long term future any thought.
Young Adults
Uh! the summer years. Youth  Once again we find ours selves in a second spring time. Seeking to find furile grounds in which to plant our own crops. Life has much promise and much to offer. There is much work to do. The last 20 years or so for many have been a preperation for this stage of life. There are many differnt crops to be planted and tended.
Mature Adults
The season of rippenig crops. As you know there are many fruit to be harvested. Due season yields its crop
The Golden Years.
The full harvest. It's been said that once a man twice a child. That statement is a dual edged sword.
Line upon line precept upon precept.

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