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And Just Why Not?

One day all the parts of the body had a discussion as to who should be president. They all weighted in with why they were the most important and how without them the rest would be so dysfunctional.

So first up to pitch why it should be president was the Brain. The Brain present the facts of how it did all the deductive reasoning in figuring out everything that needed to be done to meet the needs of the body. Then it went on about how it had to remember everything so that the body would not be stuck in the same old rut making the same mistakes over and over again.

And each and every body part came and gave it's pitch as to why what it did for the body was so important that it should be president. The heart gave it's speech about how it delivered everything to the different parts and how it was the seat of emotions. Then the bones stepped forward and pitched how it supported everybody's weight and if not for him that the body would just be a blob laying on the ground. Then the muscles step up and talked about how they had to do all the lifting for everybody else.

Then the tongue mouthed off huffing and puffing about how much everybody loved the taste of good food. Tongue was just a wagging and lipping off about how if it were not for it that food would be something tasteless just to fill the stomach. It wagged on and on about how much it added to the quality of life for everybody and the it should be president, and that nose should be vice president.

Well Nose took offense, and thought that mouth had a foul odder. He was stiffing and snorting, and set out to get the facts straight about tongue and mouth. Nose said that tongue and mouth were telling half truths and that that along made them unworthy of being president.  Nose went on to inform everyone about the how it was he that did the most work in tasting food. Now Nose was not shy,  he occupied a promonit place on the face.  He snorted about how tongue could really only taste a few things like sweet, bitter, and sour.  He reminded everyone about how everything that smelled good was not be be eaten then he added about how good he made face look.

The lungs being big blow hearts and not wanting to be left out made their pitch about how hard they worked to breath the air needed by everyone and how important it was to have air. Then the stomach bellied it's way up and talked about how it had to put up with the bad eating habits and if it were president that it would see to it that everybody got better resources.

All the different body parts came forward one by one and gave it's reason as to why it should be elected president. They all listened quietly as each had their turn to pitch why they should be president until one part stepped forward then they all laughed and ridiculed him. They made slight of his job. So he shut up. After a few days had pasted they all started to become dysfunctional because he had stopped doing his job. The Brain became groggy and the eyes began to blur. The knees became weak and the legs wobbly.  The stomach began to hurt and the muscles began to ack. A few more days past and things got worst so they decided to elect this part president.

Here is the answer for the riddle of that get no respect..

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