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Change Of Seasons

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The seasons of our lives are many and have so much to offer, they usher in change. Change can be a good thing. Most of the time change is a good thing. Look around at the world in which we live. If it were not for change it would not be as we know it. Getting change right priceless.

From our birth to our death we are on a journey through the seasons of life. The greatest adventure to ever undertake is our individual lives savoring challenges as spices. Seasons are a transformation that cures us as we age; in the process we gain more flavor and insight along the way. As we face the challenges set and achieve goals there are many opportunities to find amusement and entertainment.

The real question is how are you living your life?  Do you see your life as an adventure with goals to be achieved with each as a challenge making life more savory. Most people don't live life in such a state of mental awareness. Most people struggle through life for places to entrench themselves looking for safe havens.

Searching for safe havens undermines the adventure. You can avoid going out in the cold but you can not stop it from getting cold. When you undertake a journey you know that along the way you will have places to rest as opposed to taking refuge. When you rest you prepare yourself for the next leg of the journey. When someone takes refuge they are seeking to hid looking for a way to avoid the next leg of the journey. Hiding adds bitter spices as a flavor for your life.

We have many seasons in which to find entertainment. There are the four (4) seasons of the year pertaining to the weather which is the natural. Then there are the seasons of our lives as journey from birth to death. There are also the seasons of man as we struggle to control the resources needed to live.

Our endeavors and struggles to obtain the resources with which to do more then survive cause much agony. As the seasons of our lives change we must savor the challenges of bearing fruit in due season. Just as we bear the fruits of changing seasons we can pick that fruit in due season to enjoy. Meeting the challenges of changing seasons cures us adding spice and flavor to our lives. Just as the change of seasons bring color to nature it gives color to our lives.

The fact of the matter is that time and age bring a change in seasons. These changes manifest themselves in many ways. On a physical level things we could do as a child we can not do in our 80's. Then there are things we believed and could not understand in our youth that throu seasoning we come to understand. Many of these changes are simply brought about by maturity. Some of these changes take place in our bodies and some are in our understanding. Just living brings witness to these facts. The seasons of our lives are many and the challenges that each season bring will come. Being able to harvest the fruit of our lives in due season priceless.

At any rate at any give time dealing with change can be amusing and a source of entertainment. Maybe you have never consider the issues to be faced as entertainment. Entertainment is defined as something contemplated or as events that are amusing, are able hold ones attention. As the world we have known in its natural state and the state we have transformed it into change we must learn to be better managers of our resources. Since the seasons are events that are running their course being able to be a wise steward over them to enrich our lives as a great source of entertainment priceless. Change of seasons is a good thing! Being able to ride the wave priceless.

Change of seasons is a good thing history is full proof that it is so. If it were not for a change in seasons in the weather, in the season's of man, and the seasons of our lives things would not be as we know them today. So harvest the good life.

John Franklin Sr.

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