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Things to consider home.

Most of us have dreamed of our first home long before the fact. We have a vision of the perfect location, and how the yard should look that is if there is a yard. We have imaged all the fine details. Then we grow up and deal with the real world.

Here in the industrial era most of us live in urban areas. There are many things to consider when deciding the location of a home, as with everything the cost of living in the location is an important factor. Though most of us live where we can find work to earn a living. In today's pursuit of land one must be diligent not to buy tainted goods or fall victim to overprice land deals.

In this industrialized world there is so much land that is contaminated with waste. You could buy yourself a nightmare. When older structures are to be considered you have to be aware of the present of products containing lead, mercury, or asbestos.  For people with children these elements are real health hazard to your children as well as yourself. The purchase of  land or homes with environmental issues mean that you could have to pay for corrective repairs.

There are also merchants selling land in disfuntional developments that are overpriced. Some of the worst offenders are selling these lots in developments plotted before zoning rules were put in place. Calling to the local zoning board should reveal the status of the zoning code that applies to the development.

Still where is it that you wish to locate your home?  What type of  life style do you want to live?  What are your leisure time activities? Do you enjoy having lots of social events to fill your time?  hey live in constant contact with lots of people. These type of people need to live in the cities and their surrounding areas. Just maybe you like living outside of the high population areas altogether. Each one have their own set of advantages. What may be an advantage to one person could be a disadvantage to another. The farther a person lives outside of the cities the more independent they have to be.

Will a given location allow you to enjoy your leisure time activities?  There are tradeoffs, city living brings services like road maintenance, sewage treatment, and piped in water. Just because you live outside of the service area of the cities does not mean you can not have the benefits of these systems. I think that the biggest factor involved in a persons choice is their life style and how they earn a living.

There are other factors that have to be taken into account when choosing a location for your home. Maybe the climate is highest on your list of things to consider when deciding where to locate, other factors include water, soil, and terrain. What natural occurrences will the location expose you to? Will you be exposed to flooding, mud slides, earthquakes, hurricanes, or lightning strikes?  What type of insects will you have to deal with; what animals live near by?  You will have to deal with the native plants also.

Where ever you choose to live it should bring you the fulfillment that you seek. May your be where your heart is to truly be done right.

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