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Senior Proms.

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With the senior prom and graduation from high school1970 Roosevelt Hight School Prom comes majorPassion or Gone with the wind styling change. This is truely the end of a long season. For many the prom is their first formal date. These pass few years hold so many cherished memories and priceless moments.

The end of one season urshers in the beganing of a another. As girls and boys graduate to become young women and young men the prom serves as a rite of passage into adulthood. These events are truly a major turning point in a high school senior's life. The Senior Prom and graduation mark the start of a whole new season in their livies.

1969 high school prom picAs a parent for some this just may be a fleeting chance to catch a little bit of a past season in our own lives. To capture for ourselves a bit of the sparkle in their eyes as they anticipate their first formal affair. See the senior prom is more than just another dance or school affair.

A senior prom is a rite of passage that marks the end of a season it is a formal farwell party to high school and life as a child. If all has gone well during the high school years this is one of cherished memories priceless moments. This is a rite of passage as the things of adulthood looms on the horizon. This is the tipping point the last chance to enjoy life in the season of a child.

1973 Senoir Prom Roosevelt Hight SchoolUh! But today's business is to put on the Growns, tuxcedos and shoes to say farewell to the last 18 or 19 years. There are new horizons to look forward to. As some of you go off to college and others to jobs and a few to less promising futures.

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