Weddings Priceless Moments

Weddings Priceless Moments

Weddings And Marriage!    

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wedding receptionFinding romance and real love is a challenge. Crushes puppy love and infatuation masquerade as love. Surely the bride to be is the most beautiful woman in the world to the groom.

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To find true love in the mist of the masquerade ball is a real acomplisnment. Forging a bond for a life time is what marriage is all about and is truly a priceless treasure. For what price can you value true love at.

See once the excitement of infactuation clears there are the every day to day issues to be dealt with. The wedding day seals the bussiness of merging two people into one. Failing to understand this side of the relationship is nothing but trouble. There can not be two separate agendas and an unwillingness to work as one.

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Marriage represents the worlds greatest team. Who is there that can do more for you? You can work a job until the day you die amassing Perfume Worldwideuntold sums of money. The lonely can buy friends until their money runs out. You can hang out with your buddies be they man or woman from sun up till sun down day in and day out, having uncountable hours of fun and enjoyment. But after all is said and done it's the one special bond between a man and woman that yeild a treasure that is priceless.

People spend hours watching their favorite sports team work their magic to become a winning team. They understand how everybody on the team has to work together for the team to win. But for many the team called family languishes in ruins.

There are many suddulties to a love relationship and it's seasons. True love passes through many seasons and continues to grow. The old wedding vow speaks volumes about true love.Shoes and assessories for special occasions It is a dance that requires the partners to be in sync with each other lest someone's feet are constantly being stepped on. A wedding is the first step in a committed life time dance. How long can one dance with sore feet?

It's the special bond of partnership that makes a wedding day one of great importance as one of cherished memories priceless moment.Dishes, Decor And More Regardless of how long one was single the wedding day for man and woman marks a great change. Two people have come together as a team to share and help fullfill each others dreams. As a couple they are two adventurers on a sharred journey down the road of life.

These are the things that make a wedding day one for pictures and video clips. This a a turning point not in one but two people's lives. For better or worst there are some things here that mark a new season in their lives.  Once two people become married there is a shifting of all the relationships in their lives. Momma May have papa may have but god blesses the child that has got his own. Love

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