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What Team Am I?

There are teams then there are real teams. This is the greatest team that the world has ever know. This team has been around for more years than anyone can recall. Yet still it is a team that is praised and maligned constanty day in and day out. There is not a person who has ever lived that has not been a memeber on this team. Without the products that this team produce factories could not run and yet this team is not a factory in the accepted norm.

I have given rise to great city states and nations.  Before the first government was form I was here. I have out lived the rise and fall of many nations. Corparate gaints depend on my team members to fill it's rank from the bottom to the top.

I am the greatest sport's team that has ever been and yet still I am not thought of as a sports team. There is no sports team that can be formed without it's members first being on this team.

From the dawn of time my team member's have filled the ranks of the worlds most famous people. I can be seen and found everywhere that there are people. My value can change greatly from one team member to the next. Some are a part of the team and hate being on the team with every fiber of their being, but they can never stop being a member of the team even in death.

Answer to riddle for what team I Am .

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