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Def Jam: Vendeta

Adventure into the world of Hip Hop with EA fighting game Def Jam: Vendeta. The game comes in three version, 90 levels, over 69 characters, 44 artists, five fighting styles, and the ability to make your own fighter. Vendeta has 3 times more levels than the original.The five fighting styles are martial art, submission, wrestling, street fighting, and kickboxing. You can create your own fighting with a hip hop style look. The story of the game is about two gangs fighting for the big apple. The first crew is D-mob's crew. Leader of the crew D-mob hustled on his street corner as a teen in Baltimore, Maryland. he came to New York as a crime lord bought all the clubs and hosted illegal fights and gambling. Some of D-mob's crew is Ludacris, Method Man, Redman, and Ghostface Killah. The second crew is Crow's crew. Crow used to be with D-mob but had a few problem a few years ago and was thrown out. Crew's been looking for payback and this is the time for him. He controls Harlem and will do anything to get his way.  Some of his crew is Busta Rymes, Ice-T, Lil Flip, and Sean Paul.

Catch the fever of Def Jam with music from the crews then read about the creation and rise of Def Jam records. Want to get a better grip on the game then check out the paper back Fight For New York and learn the secerts of the game .
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Def Jam
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