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Medal Of Honor : Raising Sun        

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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Rising Sun is the second installment in this series of military style games the Medal of Honor franchise. This game throws you into the middle of World War II the war where American seeked revenge for the bombing of pearl harbor. We jump into the shoes of a  solder who starts out as a private at first who then becomes a secret agent behind enemy lines.  Giving almost every aspect of a soldier life they've also put in letters from your family back home and other personal experience.

The stories graphics have gotten better from the first sequel. They have also added more variety of guns too. The only draw back of this game is that the hardest part of the game is actually finding things instead of shooting people. But if you are not satisfied with the difficulty of the game you can make it harder in three ways. First you can change the difficulty setting of the game like in most others. Secondly you can do the extra objectives in each mission. Third you can beat each mission by skill points.

The game awards you with medals (gold, silver, bronze) for how high your skill level is. Your skill level is determined mostly by the number of hits to the head. In all this game is one of the best fps games out there and if your looking for a fps game here's the game for you. 


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