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The Analogy of a great event.

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There are many occasions for planning gatherings with our family and friends in celebration of success in life's endeavors.  Many of these celebration are for turning points that take place in our lives. These events provide the perfect occasion for capturing priceless moments as pictures and video clips for cherished memories priceless keep sakes.

Our first thoughts and ideas on plans for a celebration can be liken to a tiny seed.  These seeds have to be planted in fertile soil and nurtured so that they can grow. At first they are in cold dark dry places, and are without roots. Even if they are placed in the warmth of the sunlight, and are not water and nurtured they still will not grow.

At first these ideas are passing thoughts that come and go. They reside in the darkest recesses of the mind and come to the forefront from time to time. As these idea take hold with a life of their own they slowly become plans. In their early formalations these ideas have no shape or form.  As they slowly come into the warm light of the sun, their roots take hold, they being to spourt leaves growing stems and branches. Yes first comes the leaves then the branch.

As the different parts needed for your celebration or special event come into view you develop visual expactations. You can see how the different aspects will work with each other.  As you work throu these things in your minds eye a picture of your event becomes clear and colorful.

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