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Fools Ignore Me!

I make big strong men curl up in a ball and little girls cry. I am an emotion that affects everyone differently. The things that cause me to overcome one person may not affect another. Humans are not the only life form that respond to me. The right amount of me is a hedge against being foolish. Fools thread where brave men dare not go.

I have a twin and it takes the two of us to have good balance. To much of either one of us can be the cause of many problems. Our presence's can be the difference between life, and death, or success, and failure. There is a perfect time for each of us to out shine the other.

I am the one constance that is always present with the twins. The first letter in my name is d. Time has brought a great change as to what I am for some for different reasons in different places. Ones ability to correctly access my presence can make a big difference in response to me. Many times one has to be able to tell that I am present or be left with split seconds to respond.

But then too I am indulged in for recreation. At these times my twin's presence is limited  to much of him will spoil the fun.  You see I make your stomach feel queasy your heart race and pound. I can make you feel a tingle all over your body, and when I am really really good I can make you scream.


Answer for the riddle of Scream For Me.

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