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What to capture as photos and video clips for your homemade movies !

Grampa Gramma
Fathers Mothers
Uncles Aunts Brothers Sisters
Cousins Friends
Family units
Family pets

Subject matter for pictures and video clips!

Hopes & Dreams
Tall Tales
Old? Who You Callin Old!?
Favorite Past Times Hobbies
Worst Habit
Who look Alike?
Who Act Alike?
Grouch & Grumpy
Best Dressed
Out to Party
Worst Dressed
Moments of Despaired
Crying Times
Bad Hair Day

Special occasions to capture as pictures and video clips.

Family Affairs
Baby Showers
Family Reunions
School Affairs
Sweet Sixteen's

Places to take pictures and video clips at.

Places of worship
Favorite hangouts
Job place of work
Places Lived at

Cherished Seasons Under The Sun.

His brush a camera his canvas film capturing priceless moments.  Are you that artist capturing a few of cherished memories priceless moments as pictures and video clips before they disappear into the distance past?

Capturing a few of the moments that make cherished memories for strolls down memory lane from time to time priceless. What better way is there to have these priceless treasures for a life time to enjoy than with homemade movies, or picture disc to preserve the cherished memories that can turn into treasures of your families history.

The Videographer

A good craftsman is always dedicated to his craft and he knows and understands the dynamics of his trade. A videografter's trade is one of story telling. His brush a camera his canvas film. When a videographer is good at conveying the story being told those watching will enjoy seeing it again and again. Why because of his/her ability to highlight the story in a way not to make it boring or tiring. Now isn't that what you want when you show your videos are interested viewers and not people heading for the doors to leave?

Acts To Capture - Reasons Why.

Uh! Home entertainment with homemade picture disc and movies of Great Grampa, and Gramma, with Great Uncle Billy, and Auntie Sue would be such a wonderful priceless treat. It would warm my heart bringing tears of joy to the corners of my eyes. It would be even more wonderful if they entertained me with some of the antics of their youth. When they were young and doing the daring things that the young and foolish do. Oh!  how priceless it would be to see them on my big screen tv.

The list to the right can be used to make a collections of pictures and short video clips to be used to create disc with interesting facts about any given family member. These short video clips can tell a story and capture the essence of who that person is.  Just think about how interesting a viewing it would be if you had video clips of your great grandparents. This is not to short change pictures. You can capture so much more about a person with a video clip. Like with your great grandparents you ever wonder how their voice sound. We all have stories to tell. The things that happened in the past impacts how we do things. How our ancestors dealt with things in their life time have an affect well into the future.

As you can see some of the items listed are for fun and maybe even a little embarrassing.  Many families have stories, and tall tales that can tell about encounters that a family endured to make it. These are things that can be events to take place at a family reunion or gathering.

You can plan on creating a picture or video disc to show and pass out at your family reunion. Everyone can be asked to contribute a picture that depicts one of the events listed in the column on the left. If you can think of some thing else to add to the list then do so. Just think of how valuable such a disc can become as a family keep sake.

How Often To Capture?

A lot can change in a years time. I think a years time between updates on some things are best. There are something's that you have to catch whenever you can. Then something's can be planned for whenever your family reunions and affairs take place.

The things that keep your pictures and video from being boring is what you are hopping to capture. A child may have only been two feet tall at the last  family reunion. So now would be a good time to  capture the growth that has taken place. There are lots of things that people so when they have changed. The thing is to capture enough of it to be interesting viewing.

Capture made easy.

With the advancements in technology there are a large number of recording devices across the full spectrum of prices. Each offering a different combination of features. The successful use of any given piece of equipment is to have an understanding of the features of that equipment.

Given the facts of today's computers being what they are anyone interested in creating picture disc with the time to do so can. The price of computer systems and components drop on a regular basis. Home computers can now do things that were unthought of just 5 years ago. Now if you so choose they can be the center of your home entertainment system. Although a computer like that would be a high end system.

For those with the time and the interest to create their own video or picture disc the cost of software and hardware will determined if you are successful or not.  You have to have the right components that will work together. Creating picture disc is a less ambitious project then working with video. Compact disc have the advantage of a 100 year life expectancy.

Want your homemade movies on dvd to work like the dvd's you buy from the movie studios with chapters, and thumb nails? You don't have the time to learn how to author your disc? Want your treasure to have more features than Kodak offers on their picture disc?  You can always hire me me to create a disc that you can share with family and friends. For more Information about capturing your special moments sent me an email. I live in the south Chicago area.

John Franklin Sr.

 Video Resources

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Pictures and video clips from the seasons of life.
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Early Summer Adult: hanging out Young Adult Amos Roosvelt Franklin Sr.
60'sxmas Bruce-Ardella Prom Roosevelt 1973 Carry John Loyld Mitchell Sr.
Amos Jr 2yrs Prom picture 1969 Roosevlt High School Susie Barnes Richards
The Double Dutch Jumpest Mother And duaghter affair. Clarence Campbell Thomas Barnes

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