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Modern Console Entertainment Center

The cabinet for your home entertainment system is an important component in the system. Finely crafted furniture providesCustom built Modern Console Entertainment Center. beauty, and functions that protect all the components in your entertainment system. One of the ways that a cabinet protects your system is with good air flow.  Good air flow keeps your plasma, or lcd screens and other components from over heating for a longer life. Your home entertainment center furniture should also provide safe keeping for your media collection of music cd's, dvd movies and games.

The cabinet to the left is custom designed to give beauty to your decor, provide protection for flat panel monitors, plasma, and lcd screens tv's, as well as all the components in your home theater system. The unit as seen here is a basic no frilles cabinet. Clicking on the graphic will allow you to see a larger picture. The cabinet is designed so that the monitor can sit on the counter top or be attached to the back center cabinet panel. The cabinet has an open design for unobstucted viewing. Consideration has been taken so that the wires to the different components are hidden from view to give a nice cluter free appearance.

The shelf on the top of the cabinet can be used to store system components. The spaces off to the sides of the center are left there to accomadate cd towers or anything elseThe Pirates Compass that you may wish to have there. If there is one thing that I am not lacking in is imagination.. The top of the cabinet can be used to dispaly nick nacks if you are inclinced to collect collectibles. You can also set your front and center speakers there.

A good craftsman knows and understands the dynamics of the material with which he works. His attention to detailed styling will create a finely crafted cabinet. Your choice of materials whether that be oak, cherry, maple, popular, birch, pine or any combination affects the dynamics of the life and finished cabinet. The conbinations of the materials chosen to build your cabinet directly impact the cost of the unit. This unit can be built from solid woods, or a combination of solids, composite materials along with verneers and laminates or either stained, or painted.

This cabinet was designed to hold many different electronic components for your home entertainment center. I see room for a surround speaker system, Dvd player, cable box or satellite receiver, Doby digital receiver, play station or x box, room to store your cds and dvds with some left over. As stated this cabinets basic design is for plasma and lcd screens. Even so it's use is not limited to plasma or lcd televisions.

This unit as displayed here is 60 W x 61 H x 18 deep base and will accommodate many different size monitors 23", 27", 32", 37", up to a 42 inch monitor with depths to 18". With a few changes the design can hold 50, 55, 60, 61 as well as 65 inch tv's.

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To get your home theater center start or for more information email the address at bottom of page.

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